New AI page

Welcome the new world. One where the breathtaking vistas of the digital realm are opening as never before to reveal both awe-inspiring potential and lurking perils.

AI version of Girl with a Pearl painting.

AI-generated take on Johannes Vermeer's masterwork, retitled “A Girl with Glowing Earrings” by Julian van Dieken (screenshot Valentina Di Liscia/Hyperallergic via Instagram)


The artistry of a machine-crafted painting in the style of Vermeer or music reminiscent of Beethoven.

AI-powered computer simulations that can turbocharge the pace of scientific discovery.

New research tools that catalyze a student’s love of learning.

But with this vast promise comes considerable peril.

The same technology that can produce compelling prose also can spread damaging misinformation through the creation of chillingly real deep fake videos.

In the wrong hands AI can be used to breach digital fortresses, posing unprecedented cybersecurity risks.

And, sometimes AI just gets it wrong – spinning out digital hallucinations that present fabrications as fact.

At Union we are committed to preparing students to thrive in this new world by introducing them to the paradigm-shifting potential of AI through multidisciplinary perspectives - and by helping them understand the responsibilities that come with harnessing this powerful technology.