2019 Sundance Film Festival Volunteer Application

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The 2019 volunteer application is now open for submissions! Please apply by copying the link below into your internet browser:


It takes a while for us to process applications and work through our alumni who have priority. The majority of our Volunteer Resources team does not start working until October. If you have not heard from someone in the Volunteer Resources Dept by end of October/November, do not hesitate to reach out to volunteers@sundance.org to inquire about your application status. Priority for positions will be given to Alumni, then new volunteers with their own accommodations already secured. To increase your chances of getting a position, please secure your accommodations as soon as possible. If you do not have accommodations secured when you submit your application, please follow up with volunteers@sundance.org as soon you have that secured in order for us to update your profile and move your application up the list. 

As a reminder, lodging in Park City is becoming harder and harder to secure for the Institute as well as for all of our volunteers. To better aid you in searching for accommodations we have included our promo code for the festival early. Use the lodging tab on the Sundance Film Festival website:

Code - JANUARY2019


If you are interested in bringing a Student Group, please reach out to volunteers@sundance.org and fill out the Student Group Interest Form https://goo.gl/forms/ijxd98caxG0GaStq2, also located on our website. 


You will NOT be placed in a position until you have completed the interview portion of the application process. The interview is a Google form that will be sent to you sometime after you submit your application. This is not an automatic process and may take a few days to receive. 

We would encourage you to check out our website sundance.org/volunteers for more information on the volunteer experience. 

If you have any questions throughout the process, please reach out to us at volunteers@sundance.org or call us at 435-776-7870.

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