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Account Analyst

Schenectady, NY - Posted on: Monday 08/15/16


• Support the region in the creation of eServices and SalesForce / Service Max service requests for transactional work 
• Work with Site Leadership to drive corrective actions to ensure financial accuracy where necessary 
• Maintain a Site Financial Template which tracks actual and estimated costs for site compared to operating plan 
• Work with Site Manager to ensure that all costs are accurately estimated in the Site Financial Tool 
• Show a high level of attention to detail to ensure data quality 
• FS Cost Modeling report 
• Global Open SR/Task Aging report 
• Create Purchase Orders (PO), maintain Purchase Order Log and Receiving Log 
• Set up new vendors 
• Prepare detailed billing packages for transactional jobs, working with various teams to obtain info as needed 
• Assist sites with Service Request data entry related to Parts usage and/or contractor work 
• Reconciliation of material sub inventories and COGs accounts 
• Participate in system upgrade testing events and advise on potential changes 
• Work with Site Leadership to ensure proper closure of service requests and work orders are timely 
• Assist with ticketing (integration issues, system issues, etc.) 
• COGS Aging 
• Expected Receipts report 
• Assist with workflows as needed 

Additional details per the GE hiring manager: 
-99% of the day they will enter data into a variety of GE systems. Service requests, purchasing items, preparing quotes, debriefing labor and parts. 
-They will work with the same site managers (approximately 5 to 6). They will have a one on one relationship and be the site manager’s right hand. They will need to be able to communicate with many different personalities. 
-They will pull reports and analyze data they entered. They will know what the site budget is monthly and provide guidance to the GE staff. We will assist in forecasting as well. 
-The GE systems have many errors, so employees will have to follow up on a daily basis to resolve concerns. 
-The employees will need to be able to identify root causes and possible suggestions to fix them. 
-They will create billing packages for customer and they must be accurate and make the deadline. 
-They will create PO’s and ensure customers are paid. 
-They will have to reach out to many people at GE to secure data to input for a request. 

NOTE: The chosen candidates will be hired as employees of Kelly Services (a staffing agency), and will work on site as contractors onsite with GE with goal to convert to Permanent employee. 


To Apply:

Submit resume to Matt Baldwin at Matb122@kellyservices.com