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Allstate Exclusive Agent

Central/Eastern/Northern, NY - Posted on: Thursday 07/28/16


This is an entry level position for those who are interested in building their own business as an Allstate Exclusive Agent. One of several opportunities provides you access to a state of the art, Allstate-branded turnkey office location with subsidized office rent and a computer/phone allowance. 

Applicants are required to have access to significant liquid capital to invest in staff and marketing to grow your agency. ($25,000 minimum, or $50,000 depending on how you initiate your business). This is not a franchise fee! Allstate wants to make sure you are fully funded to open and support your own business.

Applicants are required to obtain their Property & Casualty as well as their Life, Accident & Health insurance licenses. In addition, candidates will participate in a 5-week education program at Allstate University in Chicago and the New York Regional Office in Long Island (candidates must pay travel costs but will receive a $6,000 bonus upon completion). Applicants will work with a dedicated local sales leader to assist with developing your business plan.

Successful candidates will be motivated by challenges & rewards of owning an agency business, and possess the business acumen to own and operate a successful agency. 

Benefits include:

Agency Establishment Bonus
Enhanced Commissions
Performance Based Bonuses
Dynamic Recognition Programs
Economic Interest in your business
Extensive product portfolio

Comprehensive education program for you and your staff

Education Bonus
Your personalized Agency website
Allstate provided signage and agency branding package 


**Do you want to earn $10,000? Refer someone who becomes an Exclusive Agent with Allstate! That’s right, you can qualify for a referral award for referring an individual who is appointed as an Exclusive Agent in NEW YORK!

**Did you know all employees and agents can refer someone for the Exclusive Agent and Financial Specialist opportunity anywhere in the United States and be eligible for a referral bonus? The dollar amount of the referral bonus will be subject to the appointing Region’s referral program. This referral award is subject to limitations and paid at the exclusive discretion of Allstate. The referral award is payable pending regional approval and signing of agency agreement by Allstate and referred candidate. No payments are paid to you if the referred candidate is not appointed by Allstate. Referred candidate must confirm referral to Allstate. This award is subject to change without notice. It is not available to the applicant, Allstate’s recruitment team, human resource employees and Allstate managers whose responsibilities include recruitment. The recipient is solely responsible for any reporting and compliance requirements that may arise as a result of his or her acceptance of a monetary award. Offer good for all referrals made on or after 7/15/16 and appointed by Allstate by 12/1/16.

To Apply:

Interested applicants are encouraged to send an email to Erika Holmes, Field Sales Associate, Territory IV Sales at eholq@allstate.com. Apply now to be considered at our August 9 Interview Event in Albany, NY!