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Assistant Research Scientist

Albany, NY - Posted on: Monday 09/19/16


Responsibilities :

The Assistant Research Scientist will be responsible for performing Candida testing and Candida drug resistance evaluation, including performing the following:  

- initial processing of Candida isolates received from different states 
- phenotypic, MALDI-TOF-MS and molecular assays for Candida identification
- Candida antifungal susceptibility/resistance pattern using CLSI microbroth dilution and E-test methods
- standardization of next-generation sequencing for Candida antifungal susceptibility
- data compilation, presentation and communications as needed 
- cataloging of Candida isolates in Mycology Fungal Culture Collection Repository and transfer to CDC Repositories
- QA/QC functions pertaining to all the assays listed

The Assistant Research Scientist will also be responsible for ordering laboratory reagents and supplies, including maintaining stock supplies in the laboratory and monitoring supply quantities in storage; upkeep and cleaning equipment, and keeping record of documents. Other related duties as assigned.

Salary Min USD $43,264.00/Yr.


Minimum Qualifications :

Bachelor’s degree in biology, microbiology, infectious diseases or related natural sciences field and one year of related experience.  A Master's degree may substitute for the one year of experience.

Preferred Qualifications :

Prior experience in testing of Candida by MALDI-TOF-MS, real-time PCR and conventional assays. Knowledge of antifungal susceptibility testing. Strong background in statistics, mathematical modeling, and knowledge of genomics.

To Apply:

Please visit https://careers-healthresearch.icims.com/jobs/3399/assistant-research-scientist/job

Conditions of Employment :

Grant funded position. Compliance with funding requirements such as time and effort reporting, grant deliverables, and contract deliverables, is required.  

Since exposure to potentially hazardous substances may be involved with this position, the selected candidate may be required to wear personal protective clothing and equipment, and may undergo pre-employment and/or periodic health evaluations and receive specific immunizations. 

HRI participates in the E-Verify Program 

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer/Qualified Individuals with Disabilities/Qualified Protected Veterans