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Starting in late October, we have an AHC Group headquarters opening for an Associate and Outreach Leader. 

This assignment could range from 21 hours per week to full time, depending on selected candidate preferences. 

We welcome your resume before September 21, with a short letter on how you see yourself adding value to this nine person management consulting firm.

History and Capabilities of Existing Team

You’d be working with a small headquarters team outside of Saratoga Springs, New York, and with our Senior Associates around North America. Each Senior Associate oversees and runs the content of one of our ongoing workshops. Their bios are at  

These bios should give you a sense of why forty of the world’s leading manufacturing companies like Toyota, Flex, and Ingersoll Rand give us an annual membership fee to organize, run, and select the speakers and leaders that populate our workshops four times a year. The CEOs of select investment houses are also ongoing Corporate Affiliate members, such as Trillium, Calvert and Trucost. 

Since 1981, we have focused our consulting, books, speeches and workshops on achieving corporate results in competing on sustainability, emerging corporate issues like carbon and innovation, energy competitiveness, and ways to involve investment house leaders on Environmental Social and Governance trends. 


Group Needs

We seek to supplement our team with a professional capable of reaching out to new leaders and new firms based on our existing history. We will appoint the candidate willing and capable of leveraging the reputations of our founder and senior associates with confidence and impact to enroll leaders in our workshops. We do not need to add to our mix another expert in corporate matters on energy and environmental concerns. Instead, we are looking for someone with a fresh perspective on helping companies learn from each other.

In sum, we seek an effective professional that combines a handful of skills:

1.    A respect and conversational comfort in mixing with corporate executives that wish to enter an ongoing learning sanctuary.

2.    A vigilance in helping us set up our workshops led by corporate practitioners to achieve results in energy and environmental improvements. 

3.    An interest in serving the research and outreach needs of the founder in his weekly priorities.

4.    A skill at reaching out to leading company executives that belong in our leadership workshops. 

5.    A set of abilities that react to the directions and informed insights of the Senior Associates on our weekly mid-week group calls.


We look forward to receiving your application at We will share this with the full team before appointment by the Founder.

Bruce Piasecki, President and Founder

Marti Simmons, Corporate Affiliates Director


More information about the Energy Competiveness workshop:

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