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Associate Director for Employer Relations

Hamilton, NY - Posted on: Thursday 08/25/16


Job Category
Position Title
Associate Director for Employer Relations  
Requisition Number:
UR-Career Services  
Full time/Part Time:
Skill band/classification:
Working hours:
Days, occasional evenings and weekends
Job Description
Colgate University is currently searching for an Associate Director for Employer Relations to join a highly effective team of professionals transforming the Center for Career Services (CCS). CCS is strategically aligned with the Institutional Advancement team and works closely with alumni to build superior student employment experiences. As the Employer Relations team lead, the Associate Director will set the direction of the employment development strategy for the campus and manage a three person team to meet these goals. We seek an excellent relationship manager with outstanding communications skills and evidence of success in developing and maintaining partnerships. Candidates with experience in higher education, executive placement, and collegiate recruiting are encouraged to apply.  
Essential Functions
Accountabilities for this position include: Responsible for activating the "Colgate advantage" by identifying key alumni and parent influencers in target industries and organizations in order to build and sustain robust recruiting relationships. Ensures creation and maintenance of targeted "must get" list of key employers to engage Colgate students. Responsible for developing effective and productive relationships with targeted "must get" employers. Accountable for sustained year-to-year employer retention. 
Responsible for a high level of employer satisfaction in working with Colgate to recruit and employ students and graduates. 
Responsible for the growth of relationships with key and returning employers resulting in a broader set of recruiting opportunities within key organizations. 
Ensures accurate and timely capture of employer feedback. 
Responsible for identifying opportunities to improve candidacy of individual students as well as overall trends across student applicants. Responsible for bringing attention to opportunities for improvement in advising and preparation based on employer feedback. 
Responsible for the job evaluation, development and continued professional growth of all direct reports. Responsible for the effective supervision of staff as assigned. Ensures selection and hiring of high quality employees; ensures appropriate distribution of work assignments and high quality of employee work product; ensures fair, accurate and timely performance assessments and feedback to include identifying areas for professional development and documenting and conducting disciplinary measures, as needed. Responsible for ensuring fair and accurate decisions regarding employment status (hire, promotion, salary increases, termination); ensures the creation of effective opportunities and programs for employee mentoring, development and sustained performance. 

Technical Competencies: 
Employer Relations Applied Thinking: Demonstrated ability to understand career development models and concepts sufficient to effectively establish and achieve goals for the employer relations team as aligned to Career Services goals. 
Employer Relations Industry Domain: Demonstrated comprehensive understanding of the world of work. Demonstrated mastery of differentiation between industries and occupations, premier organizations and entry points, sufficient to create targeted "must get" employer lists. 
Demonstrated ability to court employers who best resonate with Colgate students. Demonstrated ability to identify employers with specific fit for individual students. Demonstrated expertise in the preparation of students for successful candidacy with specific industries and organizations. 
Employer Relations Strategic Planning: Demonstrated ability to set goals, develop programs and methods to achieve goals, and to implement, facilitate, access, modify and maintain strategic initiatives and programs. 
Employer Relations Facilitation and Presentation: Demonstrated ability to relay the results and implications of employer relations outcomes to senior University leaders, key external stakeholders and internal Career Services staff. 
Demonstrated ability to effectively present (oral and written) to high-leverage (e.g. students, faculty, staff, employers, key alumni and parent leaders) audiences both individually and in larger groups 
Additional Essential Functions:
Employer Relations Operations: Demonstrated expertise with relevant employment law and hiring practices sufficient to protect and advise students. 
Demonstrated mastery of employment opportunity information capture and categorization sufficient to set policy and practice related to same. 
Demonstrated expertise with key departmental software sufficient to set requirements and ensure optimal realization of investment. 
Demonstrated ability to set procedures and established operational processes within employer relations. 
Managerial Skills: Demonstrated knowledge of Colgate managerial processes and requirements, to include: 
Demonstrated ability to fairly and accurately assess employee performance in accordance with university practices. Demonstrated understanding of federal and state regulations, as they apply to the university policies and guidelines related to human resource s sufficient to effectively select new employees, recommend pay actions, determine employment status and initiate or approve employee changes in status. 

Demonstrated ability to select, develop and retain high performing work teams, to include: 
Demonstrated ability to develop employee skills, performance, and behaviors. Demonstrated ability to effectively coach and communicate with employees on issues of pay, performance and development. 

Behavioral Competencies: 
Personal Accountability for Results: Takes responsibility for decisions, performance, and outcomes; behaves in a responsible manner with a positive attitude; shows self-awareness and openness to feedback. 
Effective Communication: Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills; shares information and seeks input from others; adapts communication to diverse audiences; protects private and confidential information. 
Problem Solving and Decision Making: Analyzes and prioritizes situations to identify and solve problems; generates solutions to improve efficiency and quality; involves others in solving problems and making decisions; factors organizational goals into decisions; makes clear, transparent, and timely decisions. 
Change Management: Responds positively to changing university initiatives and readily adapts behavior to maintain effective performance; understands the long-term direction of the university and can relate this to departmental area; adapts to new methodologies; identifies and acts on areas where change is appropriate. 
Leadership and Teamwork: Applies skills and knowledge to provide a climate to achieve departmental and organizational success; balances individual and department goals; helps others perform at their best; builds productive relationships to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness; treats others with respect; resolves conflicts among team members. 
Creativity and Innovation: Generates, explores, encourages, and implements innovative ways of creating strategic value for the university, division, department, and individual level; critically assesses the effectiveness of new initiatives. 
Diversity and Inclusion: Demonstrates respect for people and their differences; understands the benefits of a diverse workforce; earns the trust and respect of others; includes and welcomes others; works to understand the perspective of others; promotes opportunities to experience diversity within our community. 
Sustainability: Understands the impact of decision-making and personal behavior in achieving the university's commitment to a sustainable and carbon neutral campus; supports and advances the university's sustainability initiatives; influences others to use sustainable practices. 



- A Bachelor's degree and five years relevant experience are required. 
- Prior supervisory experience is required. 
- Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills; strong organizational and analytical skills and the ability to set priorities and take initiative. 
- Must demonstrate experience working with diverse populations and be self-motivated and able to manage multiple projects and programs simultaneously. 
- Must be capable of working collegially with a diverse group of faculty, staff and students within a university context. 
- Comfort with social media, especially LinkedIn is required. 
- Highly qualified candidates will be passionate advocates of the advantage of a liberal arts degree. 
- The ability to travel 25% and work occasional evenings and weekends is required. 
Additional Preferred Qualifications:
- Experience building local networks, developing employer accounts, and interacting with individuals at the C-suite level preferred. 
- Prior supervisory and recruitment experience preferred. 

To Apply:

Please visit https://careers.colgate.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?postingId=162163