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Business Development Analyst

Albany, NY - Posted on: Monday 08/01/16



Pisa BioPharm Inc. (“PiSA BioPharm” or the “Company”) is the exclusive sales and customer service Company representing Grupo Pisa in North America and Europe. The primary objective of Pisa BioPharm is to lead the growth of medical device and drug product sales in the North American and European markets.

Location: Company Headquarters - Albany, NY

Position Summary

The primary responsibility of this position is to execute business/project plans to: develop new business opportunities, improve existing customer base, and/or adapt to new market trends/requirements. Given that it will managing high profile and confidential information a NDA will be required.

Principal Duties

• Recommends marketing strategies for the purpose of enhancing company sales.

• Conducts market research into emerging trends in the industry.

• Develops and implements targeted surveys for the purpose of gathering market information.

• Helps create and maintain a marketing plan for a new or existing product.

• Researches marketing opportunities and communicates to marketing staff. Interprets financial statements to recognize trends.

• Reads publications and attends seminars on industry trends to aid in keeping ahead of the competition.

• Assists with the identification of potential new markets.

• Liaises with external contacts including sales prospects, potential suppliers, and potential partners at the direction of the BD manager.

• Reviews literature in the assigned marketing project, previous marketing materials used in the assignment area, and gathers materials of competitive companies in the field.

• May develop and coordinate multimedia packages—letters, brochures, video, pointof-purchase displays—for particular assignments.

• Develops direct mail programs, as dictated by the assignment, and monitors roll-out of the campaign and checks for success level at conclusion.

• Plan, coordinate and execute trade show participations of company to promote the brand, capabilities and obtain sales leads.

• Provide monthly reports on current and new business prospects and client activities to the management

• Assist in the development of project business plans to identify, track, report and resolve the critical dependency issues. BM.XX.XX Job Description Business Development Analyst Revision A 2 of 2

• Assist in the development of cost models to determine business risks and forecasts.

• Other activities as assigned by the Business Manager.


Desirable Attributes/Behaviors

• Must have strong interpersonal skills

• Must have excellent analytical and research skills

• Must have superior written and verbal communication skills as well as good presentation skills

• Must have good organizational skills and the ability to effectively prioritize tasks

• Must have excellent computer and technical skills and knowledge of report writing software. Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office is required

• Must have good problem solving and decision making skills

• Must have good conflict resolution skills

• Must have ability to easily switch between functional areas while maintaining focus and sense of urgency toward task completion

• Detail, service orientation. Active, engaged listener and learner

• Strong critical thinking skills and ability to make decisions independently

• Must have ability to manage multiple priorities

• Bilingual – Fluency in Spanish is a plus

• Must demonstrate initiative qualities


• Bachelor’s degree in Business, Operations, Finance, Marketing or Industrial Engineering.

• Must be willing to work as required to meet project deadlines.

• Previous experience in directly related field/industry preferred.

• Must be willing to travel to conferences, seminars and client locations.

Pisa Biopharm Inc. is committed to maintaining a work environment that promotes diversity and is free of discrimination. Except where prohibited by state law, all offers of employment might be subject of passing a drug test.

To Apply:

Applications can be submitted to Alexina Hess at Alexina.hess@pisa-biopharm.com