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Chief Sustainability Fellow

Terre Haute, IN - Posted on: Wednesday 06/29/16


Summary Statement

ISU’s Institute for Community Sustainability (ICS) is seeking a Chief Sustainability Fellow to advocate for and integrate sustainability in academic contexts. The Chief Sustainability Fellow builds relationships with campus and community stakeholders, leads key projects, mentors undergraduate student workers, and serves as a representative of ICS.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Builds Relationships with Campus and Community Stakeholders 50%

Pursues partnerships with faculty across disciplines to integrate sustainability into curriculum where appropriate 20%

Seeks opportunities to engage faculty across disciplines in sustainability efforts 20%

Communicates regularly with Sustainability Fellows 5%

Advocates for sustainability initiatives at the University level 5%

Leadership on Key Projects 40%

Works closely with the ICS Program Director to plan and execute sustainability initiatives, especially updating ISU’s Sustainability Plan 20%

Acts as a liaison between ICS and collaborating departments or community partners 20%

Mentorship of Undergraduate Student Workers 5%

Takes an active interest in undergraduate students’ projects and provides support as appropriate 2.5%

Works closely with the ICS Program Director to identify and resolve student issues as they arise 2.5%

Representation of ICS 5%

Maintains knowledge of the basic history and mission of ICS and is prepared to communicate informally about past and current projects with little advance notice 3%

Presents about sustainability to campus or community audiences 1%

Other duties as assigned 1%


Skills, Abilities, and Training

The Chief Sustainability Fellow is expected to have a broad knowledge of sustainability, which can include economic sustainability, societal sustainability, environmental sustainability, and/or an integrated systemsthinking approach to multiple facets of sustainability. This position is open to all tenured faculty from any department on campus.


The Chief Sustainability Fellow will be provided with two course buy-outs, one each for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.

To Apply

Individuals interested in this position should provide a cover letter and CV to Ms. Caroline Savage (Caroline.Savage@indstate.edu). In the letter, please explain your qualifications for this position and describe your motivation to apply.