Core System Project Coordinator

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Primary responsibility for core systems document integration via Symform PDF.

Assist in the following areas:

  • diagnostics of member issues
  • development and scheduling of reports and queries
  • management of Synergy document imaging archive and retrieval system
  • configuration, support and report development of ARCU
  • product and application enhancement, integration and deployment utilizing “PowerOn” and other available utilities
  • configuration of consoles, ancillary devices, SymConnect, and other interfaces with core systems

Core System Administration

  • Monitor and report to the Core System Supervisor details of Symitar bulletins or other critical communications via Symitar portal.
  • Monitor system resources and report to the Core System Supervisor.
  • Assist in providing for system backups as assigned by the Core System Supervisor.
  • Maintain documentation and maintenance schedules as assigned by the Core System Supervisor.
  • Assist Core System Supervisor with off-hour system maintenance and special processing duties.


  • Provide assistance with Episys Release loading.
  • Assist with coordinating roll out of Episys front end applications including patches and releases.
  • Assist with providing “Train” and “Test” credit union maintenance.
  • Act as a liaison for coordination of system and product changes and development.
  • Support Front and Back Office in research, problem resolution and project implementations.
  • Maintain documentation and maintenance schedules as assigned.
  • Assist with development and creation of report writer programs and reports requested by departments, management and the board of directors.
  • Act as a Project Manager for product, services and ancillary systems for the core system.

 Front End Applications

  • Coordinate all front end application installs and upgrades to ensure proper operation with Episys.
  • Assist with testing of front end applications.


  • Management of Opcon systems.
  • Management of ARCU systems.
  • Assist with network domain administration as necessary.
  • Perform any or all duties of Systems Operator as necessary.


  • Programming skills including;  Java, xml, html, .net adobe forms design are preferred
  • Must have a complete understanding of database structures and relationships.

To Apply: 

To apply send resume to Terri Clasen at

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