Elementary Assistant Principal

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CURIE AND McNULTY (10 months) 


  • The Assistant Principal should possess qualities of leadership essential to the successful administration of an elementary school.
  • The Assistant Principal must have the ability to work harmoniously and effectively with teachers, parents and administration.
  • The Assistant Principal must have the educational background and experience commensurate with the position.
  • The Assistant Principal must have the ability to achieve and maintain an efficient school environment, including effective supervision and evaluation of staff.
  • Knowledge of multi-cultural differences and experience in dealing with minority issues.
  • Be responsible for student management, including co-curricular/extra-curricular activities, and student government.



  •  Applicants must hold, or be eligible for, School Building Leader (SBL) or New York State School Administrator and Supervisor (SAS) certification.
  • Three years successful experience as a full time teacher.
  • Demonstrated active participation in school activities, including parent groups, faculty committees and school planning teams.

To Apply:

Submit cover letter and resume on OLAS www.olasjobs.org. No paper copies will be accepted. Internal candidates need only submit a letter of interest and resume to the Office of Personnel. 

DEADLINE: November 27, 2016

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