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Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager

Jersey City, NJ - Posted on: Monday 08/29/16


Being Financially Advanced requires a whole new level of thinking and doing. 
What a McAdam Financial Advisor does: 
• Identifies and sets appointments with potential clients in teams 
• Works closely with a mentor to meet with clients to assess their financial needs 
• Designs, develops, and implements a team-based marketing plan 
• Develops a customized financial plan to address each client’s outlined goals 
• Maintains strong relationships with clients, helping them to track their progress over time 
• Provides ongoing consultation and support 
Some of the features of this position include: 
• One-on-one coaching from seasoned leaders in the financial services industry 
• Sponsorship program, consisting of weekly prep classes and mentorship, to provide guidance in the completion of national licensing requirements for Financial Advisors 
• A comprehensive training program that includes financial planning strategies, marketing techniques, consultative selling tactics, client servicing practices and regulatory compliance procedures 
• Numerous opportunities for career growth and development in financial advisory, compliance, field management, and corporate leadership 
Advisors in our program benefit from uncapped earning potential. Top advisors can make $100,000+ in their first year. Advisors must be comfortable with the majority of their compensation coming from their results.


• Bachelor’s degree must be earned prior to August 2016 
• Must be an U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident 
Earn the ability to create your own financial success through helping clients enjoy their own. You don’t need prior experience in finance to join us, but you do need energy, great people skills, a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. We’ll provide the training, resources and support you’ll need to do better than your best. 
Visit our website at www.mcadamfa.com 
Securities offered through Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, Member FINRA/SIPC 
Headquartered at 18 Corporate Woods Boulevard, Albany, NY 12211 
Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments and McAdam LLC are not affiliated companies.
Must be an US citizen or a permanent resident. Must earn a bachelor’s degree by August 2016.

To Apply:

You may apply by submitting your resume to this post or by emailing your resume to NJCareers@mcadamfa.com.