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Financial Services Examiner Trainee

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The Department of Financial Services’s (DFS) mission is to reform the regulation of the financial services industries, including insurance and banking, to keep pace with the rapid and dynamic evolution of these industries, guard against financial crises, and protect consumers and markets from fraud. 

DFS is recruiting for Financial Services Examiners to help the Department keep pace with the fast-paced and ever-evolving financial services industry, and provide bold regulatory leadership to meet the challenges of money laundering, terrorist financing, cyber security, affordable health care, mortgage and insurance fraud, and consumer protection, among others. 

As a Financial Services Examiner 1, you would monitor various types of financial services activities according to the statutory responsibilities of the agency; review and analyze different types of documents, transactions, operations and data for compliance with Financial Services laws, rules, and regulations; assist parties such as consumers and financial services institutions in resolving problems by interpreting program guidelines and regulations; prepare narrative reports and draft correspondence concerning the agency’s regulatory and examination programs and standards for financial services entities; and personally handle routine regulatory activities. 


Ideal candidates will possess: 

• Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Statements of Statutory Accounting Principles (SSAP). 
• Ability to research and consistently apply state laws, Department regulations, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) statutory accounting practices, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regulations and practices. 
• Knowledge of exam planning procedures, internal controls, sampling techniques, testing procedures, work paper preparation/documentation, reviewing procedures and report writing. 
• Knowledge of financial analysis techniques and ratios. 
• Ability to understand and evaluate the enterprise risk management functions of insurers. 
• Ability to think critically and make decisions based on reasonable and timely analysis. 
• Ability to understand and evaluate risks, as well as risk mitigation strategies and controls. 
• Ability to see the big picture of the organization. 
• Ability to multi-task and manage time effectively. 
• Ability to work in and contribute to a team environment. 
• Strong communication skills (both written and verbal). 
• Ability to participate in presentations discussing examination findings. 
• Ability to adapt to complex and rapidly changing expectations and environments. 
• Proficiency in MS Excel, Word and Outlook. 
• Outstanding analytical and research abilities. 
• Ability to work with a variety of customers in the Financial Services sector. 

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: On or before the date of filing your application, you must have (You may apply if within nine months you will fully complete your degree.): 

-A Bachelor’s degree in economics, mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, 

Extensive travel may be required, including overnight travel. 

There will be no written test. Your education and experience will be evaluated against the general background/critical activities of the position. If you meet the "Minimum Qualifications," you will be required to complete an education and experience questionnaire online. Your answers to the questionnaire will be the only basis for evaluating your education and experience. 

The evaluation will be based on the following areas of your education and experience: 
• Overall grade point average 
• Grade point average in relevant coursework 
• Internships and/or community/campus/professional activities 
• And qualifying work experience 

It is essential that you describe your education and experience as completely as possible. Ambiguity, vagueness, or omissions will not be decided in the candidate's favor. All statements concerning education and experience are subject to verification. If references fail to respond or give contradictory information, you may be required to furnish written verification of the education and experience claimed. False statements or lack of verification may result in termination of employment. 

Your final score must be 70 or higher in order to pass. Rank on the eligible list will be determined after adding any wartime veterans' and Civil Service Law Section 85-a credits to your final passing score. 

The New York State Department of Financial Services will update the eligible list and notify successful candidates of their final scores and eligibility dates on a periodic basis throughout the year. 

Important: The Department of Civil Service and other state agencies may communicate with you through email correspondence. This may include the notification of your examination results and canvassing you for interest in appointment. It will be important for you to keep your email address, phone number and mailing address current by logging into https://www.cs.ny.gov/home/myaccount

ELIGIBILITY FOR EMPLOYMENT: You must be legally eligible to work in the United States at the time of appointment and throughout your employment with New York State. If appointed, you must produce documents that establish your identity and eligibility to work in the United States, as required by the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, and the Immigration and Nationality Act. 

To Apply:

​Complete the online NYS Civil Service application at https://www.cs.ny.gov/examannouncements/announcements/oc-cr/decentralized/20-081.cfm

 *In addition to completing the online application and questionnaire, you MUST email a copy of your college transcripts and a resume to: FSEtrainee@dfs.ny.gov within 14 days of your submission of the questionnaire. The subject line of your email should contain your name and "Transcripts" Ex: Mary Doe Transcripts

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