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IEQ Engineer

New York, NY - Posted on: Friday 09/16/16


Position Summary:

Our mission is to build a better world. Join us.

Delos Solutions, the consulting and advisory arm of Delos, is currently seeking an Indoor Environmental Quality Specialist and Auditor to aid in site testing and data collection, research, data analysis, and the development of unique solutions to help our clients and partners meet criteria in the WELL Building Standard. This role will actively work with various members of the Delos Solutions Team and other departments, clients and experts in the field.


  • Conduct on-site environmental testing and in-depth discoveries of current and prospective client projects, including but not limited to the following:
    • Indoor air quality tests
    • Water quality tests
    • Light measurements for ambient light, task light level, day lighting, color quality and melanopic lux
    • Acoustic tests measuring noise criteria of mechanical equipment, reverberation time and decibel levels from exterior noise
    • Spot checking, at random, including a visual inspection of ceiling heights, entryway design, materials and finishes, glare control, air filters, furniture design, fitness facilities, and food which is sold or distributed on-site.
  • Collaborate with Delos Solutions team to communicate research findings and solutions to project clients, building consultants and contractors
  • Maintain quality control of auditing services and programs, testing equipment and data analysis
  • Participate in internal development of Delos Solutions and future programs
  • Train and assist members of the Delos Solutions team on using testing methods and equipment
  • Provide technical support and assistance to Delos Solutions team for responding to inquiries related to the WELL Building Standard
  • Review research and developments in the field of building science and technology, health and wellness, and engineering 


Candidate Profile & Prerequisites:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering (preferred), science or technology
  • A strong background and interest in environmental testing, industrial hygiene with emphasis on IAQ, building design and construction, health and wellness, and/or sustainability
  • Experience in indoor environmental testing, facility-related investigations, site evaluations and consulting
  • Willingness to travel for on-site testing and field evaluations
  • Ability to plan and organize projects with clear objectives and timely deliverables
  • The ability to work alongside a diverse team and interact effectively with individuals and groups at all levels within the company
  • Strong technical skills and excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Professional Certifications (preferred): Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Indoor Environmentalist (CIE), Microbial Investigator (CMI), IAQ Management (CIAQM), or similar

To Apply: 

Please submit your resume and cover letter through the following link: https://delos.bamboohr.com/jobs