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At the New York State Office of Information Technology Services, we create and deliver innovative solutions that foster a technology-enabled government. We are in the process of filling many entry-level IT positions throughout the agency and are seeking innovative, energetic candidates. Our Information Technology Specialists perform or assist in performing technical and agency program support IT activities related to network and system design, configuration, maintenance, and security; customer support; business/systems analysis and design, which may include web site development and administration of a transactional, dynamic, or interactive web site; and the design, development, and administration of database systems. While there are continuous Information Technology Specialist (ITS) 1, SG14 and ITS 2, SG18 opportunities throughout the agency in all of these functional areas, we are currently recruiting approximately 50 Information Technology Specialist 2, SG18 positions to provide general desktop support to ITS’s client agencies, as well as expertise in the core services and products used by the agencies. The starting salary for these positions is $55,494 and there is a robust career ladder!  The ITS Entry-Level hiring process is unique from other competitive, Civil Service positions in that the examination is a free, online training and experience questionnaire. Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and complete the questionnaire are immediately placed on a Civil Service eligible list. Agencies contact candidates on the eligible list via email or letter to ascertain interest in specific position opportunities, as available. It is important to note that these are opportunities to be selected for an interview if you are at a reachable score and interested, not job offers. 

Why work within ITS? 

ITS was established by the Governor’s Office in 2012 to consolidate IT service delivery to all New York State Agencies. Historically, information technology systems, applications, and solutions were developed and deployed within individual state agencies for specific programs or regions. This has presented ITS with the opportunity to lead the nation in serving citizens, businesses, and visitors through consolidated technology services. We believe our employees are ITS’ most important asset in achieving this and seek innovative, energetic individuals to contribute to this effort. We work as one connected community of technology professionals with opportunities for our employees to build new skills, achieve a higher degree of mastery, and take on bigger challenges. We look for innovative solutions that anticipate our partners’ needs, extending into the "foreseeable future" the technologies we provide today. We maintain a working environment that empowers our employees to think and act creatively in the best interest of our organization and our customers. We are committed to a set of core values that drives how we approach our solutions: 

  • Leadership and Excellence 
  • Empowerment and Partnership 
  • Innovation and Creativity 
  • Accountability, Integrity, and Ownership 
  • Teamwork and Collaboration 
  • Customer Service and satisfaction

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