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Paid Summer Fellowship with National Wildlife Federation EcoLeaders Project

Any U.S. location (preference given to Washington DC metro area) - Posted on: Wednesday 04/13/16


Topic: Content development for NWF EcoLeaders Community

Location: Any U.S. location (preference given to Washington DC metro area)


EcoLeaders is NWF’s National Leadership and Career Development Program. Currently, over 1,100 college students and young professional leaders at about 300 colleges and universities in every U.S. state and 11 other countries are working toward certification of their leadership skills and careers that protect the planet. NWF EcoLeaders Initiative envisions a future in which all wild creatures and natural areas are protected and thriving, and all people have the opportunity to live healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives. We believe that young leaders are vital to making this vision a reality.

NWF’s EcoLeaders take four steps towards their personal leadership and career goals: 

1)                    Declare an EcoMission: EcoMissions assist college student and young professionals with declaring their goals to achieve their life and career aspirations.

2)                    Launch a project: We provide project planning tools and a vast EcoLeader student library, which includes a project database and resource guides.

3)                    Support others: Because we feel that supporting others is a central leadership attribute, we provide mechanisms to support others such as “liking” projects, networking, participating in forums, sharing videos and photos, etc.

4)                    Earn certification: A certified EcoLeader is a leader who has created an EcoMission, executed a sustainability project, and supported others while sharpening leadership skills and advancing career goals.

Certified EcoLeaders are on the pathway to a career that protects the planet. NWF provides a Career Center that helps college students and young professionals connect with employers, and sharpen a whole range of skills through webinars, articles, resources, professional development forums and workshops.

Goal:  In an effort to best serve the NWF EcoLeaders community, the NWF EcoLeader Content Development Fellows will support the research, interviewing, transcribing, and writing for the “NWF EcoLeaders Top 50: Inspiring the Next Generation” as well as develop career development resources on topics such as self-evaluation, networking, job searching, mentoring, professional development opportunities, career pathways, etc.

Key Responsibilities

  • ·         Create project plan for 4 month Fellowship term based on desired goal (stated above)
  • ·         Interview current and past EcoLeaders and young professionals and share their stories and photos in diverse channels (i.e. NWF’s EcoLeaders e-news, wildlife promise blog, social media, and EcoLeaders forum)
  • ·         Create useful content for Career Center pages (e.g. self-evaluation, networking, job searching, mentoring, professional development opportunities, career pathways, etc.)
  • ·         Conduct research to compile most valuable resources to link to on Career Center pages
  • ·         Register and maintain an active personal profile and presence on NWF EcoLeaders community
  • ·         Lead an EcoLeaders forum discussion on one of the chosen Career Center resources
  • ·         Maintain an active profile and presence on NWF EcoLeaders community and promote to personal network

Fellowship Program Requirements:

  • ·         Participate in Fellowship kick-off call - date TBD
  • ·         Participate in periodic phone check-ins with NWF staff about project status and responsibilities
  • ·         Submit biweekly project updates throughout the Fellowship detailing the progress you have made and plans for the duration of your Fellowship
  • ·         Submit summary reflection on experience

Perks and Privileges:

  • ·         $2,000 stipend
  • ·         Professional development assistance and networking
  • ·         Possibility of academic credit for successful completion of the project, as an independent study or integration of fellowship project into course curricula


Eligibility: Graduate students from any college or university within the U.S. Applications are invited from students in all disciplines and are not limited to environmental studies majors. Current and former employees of National Wildlife Federation and former NWF Campus Ecology Fellows are ineligible to apply. Former NWF interns are eligible to apply following one year from their final work date. The name on the application must be limited to one individual and the Fellowship reporting, training, or other requirements cannot be transferred to or shared with another student. Additional involvement should be noted in the proposal. The applicant must be enrolled in school through the duration of the 4 month grant period.

Grant Terms:

The Fellowship is for a term of 4 months. Fellows spend various amounts of time on their projects each week. The average amount of time spent is 10 hours weekly or 40 hours monthly. The time invested by each student is typically considerable, but it is also flexible to account for schoolwork and other commitments and the working style of each Fellow.

Fellows will receive a stipend for their work. Any Fellowship-related expenses accrued during the Fellowship period should be covered by the stipend.

Payments are dispersed in two installments: First installments of grant awards are made within two weeks of awarding the fellowship and finalizing fellowship agreement. Upon receipt and at the half-way point of the fellowship the final grant payment will be released. Grant funds may be distributed to the student directly (with submission of a W-9) or to an Administrative Office on campus (e.g. Research, Grants and Contracts Office, Financial Aid Office, Campus Sustainability Office) to the attention of the appropriate administrator. Grant funds may be taxable; consult your tax advisor for U.S. Internal Revenue Service reporting requirements

To Apply:

1.      Carefully review the information provided in this document.

2.      Review the proposal template found here: http://www.nwf.org/Campus-Ecology/Get-Involved/Apply-for-a-Fellowship.aspx

3.      Submit the following items as Word or PDF attachments via email to Fellows@nwf.org

            -Fellowship Proposal, using the template provided

            -Letters of recommendation as outlined in the proposal template

The deadline to submit applications is April 30, 2016

Applications are reviewed by a committee to determine which meet the selection criteria. All applicants will be notified of their status within one month of their application deadline.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following:

  • ·         Demonstrated interest in and experience working within or with diverse constituencies
  • ·         Engagement with students, faculty, community organizations, and businesses
  • ·         Interest in conservation of wildlife and habitat
  • ·         Strong communication skills of applicant to build diverse constituency
  • ·         Initiative to overcome barriers and seek alternative avenues when necessary
  • ·         Proactive research and outreach to ensure project will successfully achieve the above
  • ·         Commitment to advancing environmental initiatives on academic, personal, and professional levels
  • ·         Desire to remain an active member in NWF after the conclusion of the Fellowship