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PhD Researchers, higher education for sustainable development

Lüneburg, Germany - Posted on: Tuesday 05/31/16


Higher education for sustainable development supports future change agents in acquiring competencies necessary for undertaking the societal transition towards sustainability. The range of competencies considered critical for change agents in sustainability can be summarized in a small set of key competencies. Conveyance and acquisition of key competencies in sustainability would ideally happen on two levels. The first is the level of courses, with their topics, learning objectives, pedagogies, and assessments. The second, complementary level is the level of curricula, which is composed of courses and also includes cross-cutting programs and pedagogies (e.g., problem-based learning programs), embedded in particular institutional cultures.

This project generates evidence on how students can best be educated to acquire such competencies to become impactful change agents. It addresses, how competence acquisition can best be fostered on the two levels mentioned above: through novel teaching and learning approaches in individual sustainability courses as well as through entire sustainability curricula. The project adopts a multi-methodological approach, combining in-depth qualitative case studies with a quantitative sample study to generate both detailed as well as generalizable insights. The project conducts its research on two universities that have pioneered sustainability education in Europe and North America, namely, Leuphana University of Lüneburg in Germany and Arizona State University in the United States. Both universities have fully developed degree programs in sustainability (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and are widely known for their innovative teaching and learning approaches, including transdisciplinary, problem-based, project-based, and solution-oriented pedagogies. The project focuses on acquisition of sustainability competencies in sustainability programs, teacher education programs, and extra-curricular programs on social entrepreneurship at both universities.


To Apply:

View specific projects and to express interest view at http://www.leuphana.de/news/jobs-und-karriere/forschung-lehre.html