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Police Officer Exam

Schenectady, NY - Posted on: Monday 09/19/16


The new Schenectady Chief of Police, Eric Clifford, is a Union College alum!

POLICE OFFICER DUTIES: This position involves responsibility for the enforcement of laws and ordinances and the protection of lives and property in an assigned area during a specified shift. The duties consist primarily of routine patrol tasks, assisting in investigation of criminal offenses, and the apprehension of criminals. Direct supervision is received from a higher ranking officer. However, there is considerable independent responsibility for the exercise of sound judgment in emergencies. Does related work as required. 

Salary: $39,954 - $73,455.


You must have successfully completed 30 credit hours (equals approximately 1 year of classes at Union) at a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university (transcript must be included when applying). Residency requirement may be satisfied by being a Union College student. You must qualify per the civil service test, submit to a complete background check, medical and other screenings, a qualifying physical fitness test, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular capacity which consist of 1.5 mile run.


Applications for the Police Office Civil Service Exam will be accepted until October 3, 2016. Exam date is November 19, 2016; $15.00 Examination Fee (Waiver available if qualified). 

Download and read the Civil Service Exam Announcement for the position you are applying for. http://www.cityofschenectady.com/312/Police-Officer (scroll to bottom of page for Exam Announcement and Application Form)

Mail your application along with a $15.00 CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER payable to the Schenectady County Civil Service Commission. Personal checks and cash will NOT be accepted. 

Mailing Address and Contact Information:
Schenectady County Department of Human Resources and Civil Service
Schenectady County Office Building
620 State Street, 2nd Floor
Schenectady, NY 12305
Phone Number: 518-388-4233