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Policy Analyst-Immigration

Latham, NY - Posted on: Friday 04/01/16


The Policy Analyst-Immigration is a key member of FPI’s immigration team, helping to reach out to allied organizations, shape research questions, undertake research and policy analysis, and contribute to the public debate through publications that promote FPI’s agenda and publicize its research.

Detailed Responsibilities

Education and Outreach

• Build relationships and do outreach to immigration allies, community groups, labor unions, public officials, professional associations, etc.—especially in Upstate NY.

• Work with policy analysts in other states, helping them to conduct fiscal analysis of immigrant-related proposals.

• Manage communications with immigration outreach constituencies.

• Prepare easy-to-understand materials for and make public presentations (including filling in at meetings and presentations for other FPI staff).

• Respond to questions from public officials, allied organizations and others in areas of expertise.

• Provide content for FPI web site and social media.

Analysis and Research

• Assist in and, conduct and/or manage research where the outcome may be the preparation of reports, briefs, fact sheets and other written materials.

• Develop local and state-level policy options and analyze budget implications and impact on immigrant communities and local economies.

• Prepare and assist in the preparation of reports initiated by other FPI staff.

• Interact with state/local agencies and offices, non-profits, coalitions, associations, advocates/allies, and other organizations that are responsible for providing or coordinating services to New Yorkers.

• Monitor the status of local, state and federal legislation, public policy developments, and local and national research in immigration or other program policy areas as well as fiscal and economic policy.

• Interact with other similar state-based organizations on immigration research, analysis, and outreach.

• Create visually appealing charts, figures, and tables.

• Assist in proofreading, fact-checking, verifying data integrity, and editing of FPI reports and materials.

Office and Team Support

• Assist with general office duties as needed.

• Given a small working environment with varying responsibilities, team skills/qualifications, deadlines, assisting others in achieving FPI’s goals in a timely manner is expected.

• Actively participate in staff meetings, all relevant training and other developmental/professional growth opportunities.

Personal Development

• Actively read, learn, and engage in substantive areas of interest to FPI. Network with leaders and experts to enhance understanding of subject areas.

• Participate in periodic assessment of own performance; develop goals and objectives based on the visions set by the Board of Directors in FPI’s Strategic Plan.


• Bachelor’s degree or graduate degree in economics, sociology, public policy, public administration, urban planning, or related fields.

• Research or policy-related experience.

• Able to consider complex program issues and communicate those issues in a comprehensible way.

• Strong working knowledge of funding in various human service program areas.

• Excellent analytic, quantitative, written, verbal, and presentation skills.

• Able to develop and steward collaborative relationships with government staff, allies, non-profits, media, and others to effectively carry out FPI’s mission.

• Self-motivated and have the desire to proactively advance FPI’s substantive work by conducting quality research and analysis and by informing and educating FPI’s allies, public officials, and the general public about the results of such work.

• Ability to independently manage projects.

• Some travel will be required (less than 10%), primarily in New York State

To Apply:

Submit cover letter, resume, and writing sample to resumes@fiscalpolicy.org

The cover letter can be addressed to David Dyssegaard Kallick, Director of the Immigration Research Initiative.