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Rapid Response Team (RRT) Coordinator

Albany, NY - Posted on: Friday 09/16/16


The incumbent in this position will report directly to the Senior Administrative Assistant and will be responsible for assisting in development and maintenance of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Rapid Response Team (RRT) Program.Specific duties will include: providing assistance to the Division of Food Safety and Inspection, as directed, to support state human food and animal feed disaster readiness and response; developing NYSDAM RRT documents, including but not limited to: Standard Operating Procedures/Guidelines, Response procedures, After Action Report; coordinating and participating in RRT meetings and calls, as necessary; communicating NYSDAM investigational findings to RRT members; tracking the outcome of food safety investigations within NYS (i.e. trace-back activities, lab analysis, recalls, and disaster support); maintaining communication and an open dialogue with federal, state, and local colleagues according to information sharing and communication policies; preparing training and/or table-top exercises; attending the annual RRT meeting; preparing RRT deliverable reports, including, but not limited to: the mid-year and final grant reports; and other related duties as assigned.


To Apply:

Please visit HRI’s web site at (preferred method): https://careers-healthresearch.icims.com/jobs/