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This individual will be a research assistant (RA) to conduct clinical trials in the Department of Anesthesiology including a Phase 4 clinical trial on the analgesic efficacy of Exparel injections for pain after C-section, a Phase 2 clinical trial on the analgesic efficacy and safety of VVZ-149, a phase 1b clinical trial on the safety of RTX, a study to assess the clinical utility of pharmacogenomic testing in perioperative and pain management patients, and other possible future studies at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Faulkner Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute sites, and other local sites as these should come on line. 

The RA will work under the supervision of the Principal Investigator responsible for all activities of the research protocol. The RA will be responsible for following established policies and procedures and providing assistance in executing on a daily basis the procedural and policy decisions made for the study. The individual will be responsible for conducting work related to the project at the BWH, MGH, DFCI, Faulkner, and other local sites, and will be coordinating data management with the sponsors of these studies and their agents. This will include the following tasks: he/she will assist the PI and co-investigators in contacting and screening patients, recruitment, obtaining consent, interviewing the patients and entering information into study database, collecting and organizing patient data, being present and engaged in study procedures with subjects during their hospitalization, scheduling patients for study visits, performing clinical tests such as phlebotomy, obtaining blood, urine, and saliva specimen, physical examination and neurological assessment, conducting EKGs, conducting QST, utilizing laser technology, processing blood samples using a centrifuge, administering questionnaires, and maintaining and updating data generated by the study. The RA will assist with the IRB applications process and follow all regulations as specified by the IRB in conducting the study. 

The balance of the position will involve project coordination, communication with referral sources, interaction with study participants and will involve liaison activities with outside hospital, sponsor, and other organizations.\


1. Provides assistance on clinical research study as per study guidelines and protocols at the BWH, MGH, DFCI, Faulkner, and other sites. 

2. Recruits and evaluates potential study patients. Per protocol instruction, conducts subject interviews and coordinates scheduling of study procedures with operative, inpatient, and outpatient care related to study visits and evaluations. May be required to perform clinical tests such as phlebotomy, urine and saliva sampling, EKG’s, QST, laser testing, physical examinations, vital signs monitoring, etc. 

3. On a daily basis, executes the procedural and policy decisions made for the study. 

4. Interacts with patients/subjects with regard to study, including patient education, procedural instruction, and follow-uup. May serve as a liason between patient and physician. 

5. Responsible in recruitment and enrollment of participants for the study, and conducting baseline and follow-up study interventions in person. 

6. Responsible for collecting data and maintaining patient information database for study. Required to input data, run various reports, and may be required to do minimum analysis. Will maintain patient records as part of record-keeing function and responsible for entering study data into database and organization of confidential hard-copy subject files and records. 

7. Responsible for providing various study information or packets to study participants. 

8. Participates in the IRB continuing review and quality assurance processes, and monitors assurance of compliance with all IRB regulations. 

9. Answers any phone calls or responds to e-mail queries regarding study protocol. Refers participants to supervisor or clinical staff when appropriate. 

10. Acts as liaison with the project partners. 

11. Monitors and sets up any needed equipment. 

12. Maintains inventory and orders supplies when necessary. 

13. Participates in regular meetings of study team and activities with the project partners. 

14. Assist in other assigned miscellaneous duties in order to help the PI, other research staff, and co-investigators achieve the project aims in a timely manner, and in all other duties as assigned. 

15. Assist in other research projects being run by the Pain Management Center at BWH or MGH. 



• Bachelor's degree (BS or BA). 
• Graduated with relevant course or project work. 


• Excellent interpersonal skills are required for working with the study participants. 
• Good oral and written communication skills. 
• Knowledge of clinical research protocols. 
• Knowledge of computer programs, databases, etc. 
• Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize a variety of tasks. 
• Careful attention to detail. 
• Ability to demonstrate professionalism and respect for subjects rights and individual needs. 
• Ability to work in a respectful and professional manner with project leadership and other research staff

To Apply: 

Submit resume and cover letter addressed to Dr. Nedeljkovic to Union alum, Ashley Allington '16 at 

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