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Research Position

New York, NY - Posted on: Monday 09/12/16


The Research Department in the Office of the New York State Attorney General (“OAG”) is seeking a candidate for a full-time Research position. The Research Department is part of the Executive Division and works closely with senior staff to support the OAG's major initiatives, investigations, and policy development. This close-knit team has researched and written analytical reports garnering national attention, created and directed multi-million dollar grant programs, and supported several of the office’s major investigations.
The Attorney General is both the “People's Lawyer” and the State's chief legal officer. The OAG, employing over 1,700 people across New York State, serves all New Yorkers in numerous legal and regulatory arenas, including protecting the rights of investors and consumers, coordinating state-wide criminal investigations, promoting economic and social justice, encouraging harm-reducing public health strategies, and preserving the State’s environment. The OAG also advises the Executive branch of State government and defends actions and proceedings on behalf of the State.


The candidate will work directly with the Research Director and support the work of the OAG through:

• Research

  • Compiling, summarizing, and succinctly presenting research on relevant entities and issues, often on quick deadlines
  • Identifying accurate, current, and credible sources of information
  • Utilizing online tools and databases (both confidential and public) to gather relevant facts on subjects and persons of interest to the office
  • Developing new research skills and/or finding new sources of information

• Analysis

  • Synthesizing pertinent facts and issues from large amounts of information/data
  • Condensing large/complicated information to key points
  • Communicating findings through written reports and visualizations
  • Developing innovative ways to present information
  • Creating visually compelling and informative graphics or maps
  • Understanding and identifies limitations of sources or analysis

• Data

  • Aggregating disparate data and developing original datasets
  • Identifying and cleaning “dirty” data
  • Creating functions to flag/separate/segregate/filter data
  • Understanding what calculations should be used to analyze a given dataset
  • Troubleshooting data and calculations for errors/omissions
  • Utilizing various data or analytical platforms (e.g. Excel, ArcGIS, Access, SQL, Tableau, etc.)


• Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree preferred
• Demonstrated qualitative and quantitative research abilities; candidates with experience in any of the following areas preferred:

  • Analyzing large datasets or completing statistical analysis
  • Legal and court research
  • Legislative tracking or policy analysis
  • Programming and scripting
  • Data visualization
  • Social media research

• Excellent oral, written, and presentation communication skills
• Ability to work in a high-paced, deadline-oriented environment
• Highly organized, self-directed, and curious
• Personable and positive, with a high level of integrity
• Interest in public policy and social/economic justice


Applications are being received online. To apply, please click on this linkEXEC/RD_RES_NYC_6015; applicants will be taken to the online application page for this position.
Applicants must be prepared to submit a complete application consisting of the following:

  • Cover Letter (You may address to Sandra Jefferson Grannum, Esq., Bureau Chief, Legal Recruitment)
  • Resume
  • List of three (3) references with contact information and email addresses
  • Writing Sample

Please note: Failure to submit a complete application will delay the consideration of your application.
If you have questions regarding a position with the OAG and the application process or you need assistance with submitting your application, please contact the Legal Recruitment Bureau via email atrecruitment@ag.ny.gov or phone at 212-416-8080.

For more information about the OAG, please visit our website:www.ag.ny.gov