School District Business Leader (SDBL) post-graduate certification program

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Accounting, Education, Finance, and Business Administration Graduate Students:


Become a School District Business Leader (SDBL) and be the Chief Financial Officer of a school district.

School District Business Leaders are known as School Business Officials and the CFOs under many titles throughout New York State. The average salary of NYSASBO members with the SDBL Certification is $115,363. + = 20% TUITION DISCOUNT for NYSASBO Members = ($50 Student Annual Memberships Available)

NYSASBO has partnered with the College of Saint Rose to provide a fully online School District Business Leader (SDBL) post-graduate certification program for those looking to pursue school finance as a career. 
To be admitted into the SDBL Online Program at Saint Rose, students should have a completed Master’s degree (M.S. in Education or business related field, M.B.A., Accounting, Finance, etc.). Students currently enrolled in a Master’s program and near completion of the Master’s will also be considered. Student should also have three years of business experience with an emphasis on some supervision, or three years of teaching or school administration. New York State certification requirements for the School District Business Leader (SDBL) require 1) a Master’s degree; 2) a minimum of 60 graduate credits; 3) completion of an approved SDBL program; and 4) three years of relevant business or education experience as described previously.
Today, NYSASBO has over 2100 members throughout New York State that range from members of school district and BOCES business offices to students and companies that provide products and services to school districts. We are the leading resource on public school finance issues in NYS. When I am asked where I work and I say the full company name, I get confused looks. Most people do not know what a school business official is and why they are so important to our public school system. So, I would like to introduce to you the concept of a school business official (School District Business Leader)...
In order to become a business official, applicants must be certified (current certification is SDBL) or pass a civil service exam, depending on the specific job requirements for the school districts around the state. The most consistent we see is the certification requirement. Business officials have the opportunity to give back to the community by ensuring the school district has the resources to provide a sound basic education to all students. 
NYSASBO members receive a 20% discount on tuition. Any student pursuing an SDBL can join as a “student member” for just $50 annually. In addition, even with this being a newer state certification, our members that have SDBLs make an average of $115,000 across New York State. 
The College of Saint Rose SDBL Program prides itself on utilizing professors with real world experience in the courses being taught. These include former and current business officials, superintendents, and school attorneys that can bring their prior experience and knowledge of the field into the classroom. 
We are offering two online open houses coming up on December 1 and December 5 from 12-12:45 PM. You can learn more about the program and sign up for the open houses at I have also attached a flyer promoting the program. There is a new cohort beginning January 2017, with an application deadline of December 15, 2016

THE ONLY ONLINE SDBL PROGRAM run in collaboration with NYSASBO New Cohort Begins Jan. 2017, Apply by Dec. 15 learn more @

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