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Screening Analyst

Boston, MA - Posted on: Tuesday 08/23/16


Arbor’s Boston office has immediate openings for Analysts in the Screening Group. The main function of this position will be to support the continued growth of Arbor’s business by analyzing multifamily loan opportunities and recommending financing options using Arbor’s various loan products. The Analyst will work independently and in a team environment to collect and review financial exhibits and market data for debt structure modeling in Excel. Other responsibilities include conducting preliminary credit reviews and completing market research through third party information sources.


- Strong Excel skills
- Ability to write informatively is important
- Strong interpersonal communication skills are critical
- Willingness to do "whatever it takes" work ethic / hunger to achieve is essential.
- No prior real estate experience is needed but candidate should be hungry and able to learn the business and it’s language quickly through commitment and independent "research." 

To Apply:

- Resume
- Cover Letter, short (1 or 2 paragraphs) indicating why you are interested in this job and how this job fits into your career plans. Arbor is looking to see how this role is a thoughtful and purposeful action towards something rather than part of a shotgun approach to finding a job/paycheck.

Send resume and cover letter to Union alum Mr. David Frasz at dfrasz@arbor.com