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Stamford Tutor Corps – Tutoring Fellowship

Stamford, CT - Posted on: Monday 08/15/16


Are you interested in education reform? Join the Stamford Tutor Corps, which is a full-time, in-school, professional math tutoring fellowship. The Stamford Tutor Corps focuses on high-dosage tutoring, where tutoring is embedded into a school day as a class. Each Fellow works with two students at a time for 5 periods of the school day, and will have a personal caseload of 10 students they work with every day, all year. Fellows drive student achievement by providing individualized instruction, and by building personal and meaningful relationships with students and their families. In the first year of the program, this service opportunity appealed to people from all backgrounds, including retirees, community-minded individuals, and recent college graduates. 

- Fellows tutor 9th grade students in Algebra I and 10th graders in Geometry. 
- Each Fellow will work with two students at a time for 5 of 7 periods of the school day, and will have a personal caseload of 10 students they will work with every day, all school year. 
- Fellows contact families each week about student progress. This communication forges trust, creates relationships and keeps parents aware of the successes and needs of their children. 
- Fellows will be observed regularly and must be hungry for feedback. The fellowship team will have a site coordinator present in the tutorial room who is responsible for observing, training and assisting Fellows through the entire year. 
- Fellows will participate in after school team debrief sessions, including but not limited to: daily report completion, entering of student grades, professional development sessions, tutorial observation feedback sessions and more. 


- Bachelor’s degree (all majors accepted) 
- Strong basic high school math skills 
- Passion for education reform and hunger for feedback 
- Successful candidates include recent college graduates, mid-career changers, and retirees 

Recommended/ Highly valued 
- Prior coaching, tutoring and/or teaching experience 
- Experience working with young people 
- Haitian or French oral proficiency

Tutors receive an $18,000 stipend (paid in equal increments twice a month) over 11 months (August 15, 2016 - June
30, 2017). Proof of health care is required.

To Apply:

Submit resume and cover letter bu August 26, 2016 to Union alum Ms. Rachel Baker, Site Director at rbaker1@stamfordct.gov