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Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Baltimore, Maryland - Posted on: Thursday 07/28/16


The Strategic Initiatives Coordinator will lead the development, implementation, and continual assessment of a new sustainability programs at Johns Hopkins University. This person will largely lead the Office of Sustainability’s Smart Labs Initiative, working to identify opportunities, advocate solutions, and implement changes that advance campus sustainability. This comprehensive effort will aim to reduce greenhouse gases, waste, water, and pollutants, while also creating a healthier space for researchers to work. In order to show value and make persuasive business cases for sustainability efforts in labs, the SI Coordinator will also oversee the management of the Office of Sustainability’s data and metrics, and generate annual reports, and will conduct research and reporting efforts that connect back to the university’s Climate Action Plan. The SI Coordinator will also identify and evaluate other critical initiatives that most effectively improve environmental performance and climate preparedness.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Monitor the ongoing reporting of sustainability metrics by JHU’s campuses and generate annual reports, or customized reports, as requested.
  • Coordinate annual progress review meetings with all JHU divisions.
  • Optimize energy and non-energy data collection and analysis processes to best inform decision makers. When applicable, conduct lifecycle and cost-benefit evaluations.
  • Research opportunities and generate proposals for programs and equipment that can reduce energy consumption.
  • Provide recommendations to various departments including Facilities across all campuses and Procurement.
  • Be a resource for all JHU divisions and address inquiries related to efficiency and conservation in laboratories. This requires staying current on technological advances and effective programs for sustainable laboratory operations by reviewing publications and following the activities at peer institutions.
  • Manage a laboratory-based sustainability program, which involves interacting with lab personnel and facilities stakeholders regularly and tracking the progress of the program.
  • Oversee the inventorying of laboratory equipment and utilize other datasets from JHU Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), as appropriate, and evaluate procurement of supplies and reagents as appropriate, working with vendors when required.
  • Work with the Office’s Outreach coordinator to develop content for flyers, marketing materials, and other resources in order to educate and promote sustainable initiatives.
  • Coordinate experiential education opportunities for students whereby they conduct unique research or investigations on campus, which inform and support the Office of Sustainability’s efforts.
  • Connect laboratory and broader sustainability efforts at JHU with priorities aimed at strengthening the institution, potentially through campus resiliency and climate adaptation.


Bachelor's degree required. Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Business, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Sustainability, or a related field preferred. Additional education may substitute for required experience, to the extent permitted by the JHU equivalency formula. One to three years’ experience in a similar capacity.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working in a higher education environment, particularly in the sustainability field or research laboratories, to understand the demands and dynamics of this type of organization.
  • Experience working with carbon reporting protocols, such as the Climate Registry. Considerable experience working with Excel; and conducting cost-benefit analysis and financial calculations.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with strict attention to detail.
  • Creative thinker and problem solver .
  • Works effectively in a team environment .
  • Ability to balance and prioritize multiple tasks and projects.

To Apply:

Please visit https://jobs.jhu.edu/jhujobs/jobview.cfm?reqId=309471&postId=10089