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Structural Draftsman (Anaheim)

Albany, NY - Posted on: Friday 09/16/16


compensation: Salary will commensurate with experience.
employment type: full-time

Job description/requirements:

1. 3-5 years experience preferred
2. Drafting/ACAD training and education
3. Proficient with ACAD 2D
4. Experience putting together complete construction documents including but not limited to:
a. Site plans
b. Foundation plans
c. Framing plans
d. Elevations
e. Building sections
f. Structural details
5. Experience in compiling construction documents for structures of multiple materials including but not limited to:
a. Wood
b. Steel
c. Concrete
d. Masonry
e. Light gauge framing
6. Self-motivated
7. Organized
8. Proficient in English/ good communicator
9. Able to handle multiple jobs concurrently
10. Has a valid California driver license
12. Technical certificate or bachelors degree preferred but not required


To Apply:

Submit resume to Melissa Petalas, mpetalas@pei-ny.com

Any applicants interviewing for this position will be required to provide samples of their work and demonstrate their drafting abilities during an interview. Each interviewee will be provided with a copy of the company ACAD standards for use.