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Sustainability Programs Manager

Santa Cruz, CA - Posted on: Thursday 05/26/16


Housed within the Division of Business and Administrative Services, the Sustainability Office has broad responsibility for coordination of campus-wide sustainability initiatives. This includes strategic planning, monitoring, communication and support of pilot programs and projects, to meet the goals and objectives of the Campus Sustainability Plan in compliance with the system wide University of California Sustainable Practices Policy, state regulations and other commitments. Through operational, organizational, and behavioral transformation, the Sustainability Office works to advance the cause of environmental, economic and social sustainability, with a central focus on advancing the university's core mission of teaching and research.

The Sustainability Programs Manager reports to the Director of Sustainability. The incumbent develops, implements and monitors a wide range of short and long-term, campus-wide plans and projects related to sustainability, with a particular focus on zero waste and water conservation. This position also provides general grant-writing support to constituents across campus for a wide variety of sustainability-related research and operational improvements that meet the campus' highest priority needs. The incumbent is responsible for fostering a culture of sustainability on campus that embraces diverse, multicultural notions of caring for the environment; identifying, coordinating and serving as a catalyst for units and individuals who are implementing sustainability programs; and engaging with executive campus leadership, principal officers, faculty, staff and students to foster sustainability broadly across campus units. This position will oversee programs that result in institutional change through physical projects and will work with a variety of campus stakeholders to research, pilot and advance projects that work to deeply integrate sustainability. Drawing on current best practices within the field, the Sustainability Programs Manager provides expert advice on a variety of sustainability topics to the campus community.  


Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies, Organizational Development, Environmental Engineering or relevant field; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Substantial oral and written communication skills, with the ability to write clear and concise reports and correspondence including public speaking skills to make clear and informative presentations to student, faculty, staff and administrative audiences across campus departments.

Excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills to work in a community with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and political/ethical philosophies, and to effectively represent UCSC to the campus and community.

Demonstrated experience working collaboratively within a team environment.

Demonstrated leadership and facilitation skills to foster collaborative, coordinated efforts between campus departments.

Demonstrated leadership and facilitation skills to foster collaborative, coordinated efforts between campus departments.

Supervisory skills to hire, train, assign work, motivate and manage performance to ensure an engaged and effective staff of student interns.

Project management skills to oversee and/or manage special pilot projects/programs, to design their scope to provide outcomes useful to the campus, and to manage these within prescribed schedule and tight budget parameters.

Superior organizational skills within a constantly evolving field to sufficiently prioritize, manage, and complete multiple assignments with the ability to work independently, and think innovatively with minimal direction.

Ability to think creatively to problem solve constructively and transparently.

Experience working in the field of sustainability.  

Preferred Qualifications

Master's degree in a relevant field such as Public, Business or Higher Education Administration, Environmental Studies, Organizational Development, Environmental Engineering, etc).

Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of sustainability theories and practices.

Experience implementing sustainability policies and practices within a university setting.  

To Apply:

Apply at https://jobs.ucsc.edu/applicants