Test Engineer

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  • Perform materials testing on a variety of test specimen and components in accordance with customer requirements and in conformance with I.T.S. work instructions, procedures, and employee training. 
  • Execute testing procedures on customer supplied test samples per work instructions and training 
  • procedures. 
  • Program and operate servo-hydraulic test frame systems (various models) 
  • Assist with mounting test specimen and fixtures 
  • Evaluate and characterize fixtures for fatigue tests 
  • Accurately complete technical reports, test results, and all other required documentation 
  • Execute tests in strict compliance with I.T.S Laboratories quality system 
  • Coordinate with the Director of Operations and the principal engineers to maintain testing efficiency. 
  • Support the Director of Operations in identifying and eliminating workflow / schedule bottlenecks to 
  • maximizing operational efficiency 
  • Establish and oversee a regular maintenance schedule for all servo-hydraulic test frame systems and 
  • associated equipment


Requirements (Special Knowledge, Education, Ability and Skills):

  •  Due to nature of work, US citizenship is required. (must have) 
  •  Experience in working in a testing environment. (including class labs) 
  •  Exhibit diligence in executing work instructions. (must have) 
  •  Demonstrate proactive, detail oriented, and thorough work ethics 
  •  Must be able to follow work instructions (verbal and written) 
  •  Able to professionally interact with customers 
  •  Must show proficiency in use of popular computer software products (Microsoft Office, etc) 
  •  Must work well individually and in a team environment 
  •  Education: Bachelors degree in Engineering 
  •  Must exhibit good mechanical abilities and background. 

To Apply: 

To apply, submit resume and cover letter to Mr. Lou Fiorini, Director of Operations at lfiorini@its-inc.com


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