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UCAN - Next Steps to Effective Networking

  1. UCAN Access
    • Complete a UCAN Orientation - access to UCAN will be provided within 48 hours
    • Visit our UCAN page
    • First Time Users will need to complete “First Time Login”
    • Read terms and conditions and check box next to “agree to terms and conditions”; then click save
  2. Conduct a search and organize results
    • Select criteria (e.g. job function, location, etc.) and scroll to bottom of page and click search
    • Select more than one criteria in a drop down – hold the control and click on criteria for selection
    • Scroll through identified alumni reviewing relevant information
    • Click on “alumni name” on left hand side to see additional information on alumni of interest
    • Within the Alumni profile click on tabs (education, activities/interest information, etc.) for more information
    • To conduct a new search - click “New Search” located on left above search results
  3. Write correspondence and send email requesting an Informational Interview
    • Draft correspondence - refer to the Guide to Networking for examples
    • Send correspondence to Career Advisor for review (be sure they are unique to each alumni)
    • Send email: Access UCAN -> search by alumni name -> click on send an email on left -> copy and paste message with appropriate subject line -> preview -> review -> send
    • Correspondence will not be saved within UCAN - save any correspondence to a folder
    • Track communications with alumni (use the spreadsheet located on the back of handout or on the UCAN landing page)
  4. When Alumni Respond to Email Invite
    • Respond immediately to alumni emails and provide at least a week’s worth of availability to accommodate their schedule
    • Attach a resume when responding to alumni to provide them detail of your background
    • Develop questions for scheduled interview (review questions in Networking guide for assistance)
    • Schedule quiet space to conduct interview (Call Career Center for available space)
    • No response from Alumni? Send a follow up email request a week after your initial email
  5. Additional tips
    • Utilize the Guide to Networking to learn strategies, develop correspondence and questions
    • Check accuracy of alumni information using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google
    • Send your contact a thank you email or letter within 24 hours of your conversation
    • Utilize spreadsheet to manage outreach; record dates and any communications with Alumni
    • Identify additional contacts for networking using family, friends, and faculty, etc.

Remember: The purpose of networking is to acquire knowledge about career fields of interest and build genuine relationships. It is not appropriate to ask for jobs or internships