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Alumni & Parent Engagement

We in the Office of College Relations want you to stay connected to all the things that are uniquely Union—the sense of place and community, the rich traditions and the spark of innovative minds at work.

We are committed to building strong relationships between the College, alumni, parents and friends; enhancing awareness of the value of a Union College education; and strengthening the resources needed to remain a top-tier institution that nurtures and transforms young lives.

We hope you will find a way to support Union that is right for you and your family. All of us in College Relations are pleased to assist you in this process, and we offer our heartfelt thanks for your help in guiding Union toward ever greater aspirations and achievements.

Meet the Team

Violetta DeRosa

Violetta DeRosa

Associate Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement

Phone: (518) 388-6568
Email: derosav@union.edu
Abbe Hall

Wendy Duff

Program Assistant

Phone: (518) 388-6168
Email: duffw@union.edu
Abbe Hall

Rhonda Engvold

Rhonda Engvold

Assistant Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement

Phone: (518) 388-6476
Email: engvoldr@union.edu
Abbe Hall

Debra Fox

Assistant to the Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement

Phone: (518) 388-6157
Email: foxd2@union.edu
Abbe Hall

Damond Heath ’10

Damond Heath ’10

Sr. Associate Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement 

Phone: (518) 388-7115
Email: heathd@union.edu
Abbe Hall