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Donor Relations

The Office of Donor Relations seeks to sustain and deepen the relationship between the College and its donors through meaningful acknowledgement, recognition, engagement and reporting. It is essential to let our donors know that their financial support is gratefully received, vital to our campus community, is being used according to their stated wishes and expectations, and is worthy of their continued philanthropic support and engagement.

Meet the Team

Ashley Tyner

Ashley Boland

Director of Donor Relations & Advancement Events

Phone: (518) 388-6366
Email: bolanda@union.edu

Bo Pedersen Geel

Bo Pedersen Geel

Coordinator for Donor Relations

Phone: (518) 388-6532
Email: geelb@union.edu

Sarah Beach

Sarah Beach

Administrative Assistant, Donor Relations & Advancement Events

Phone: (518) 388-6928
Email: beachs@union.edu