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The Content Management System/Cascade

User Expectations

CMS/Cascade Users are expected to maintain the content within their respective sites. If there is an expected interruption in support for a site due to such things as a staff departure/leave of absence the current user should make arrangements with a colleague to transition maintenance duties (include social media sites in this transition).  This ensures that content can remain current.  Contact the CMS Help Desk for an account and indicate the reason for the request.  There are many CMS Users in every responsibility center and if maintenance duties cannot be assumed by someone in the immediate office/department you may find assistance from another office as a temporary solution.

New Page Requests in CMS/Cascade

If you require a new page in the CMS, please submit a Project Request.

Link/Spelling Check Reports (Siteimprove)

If you would like your website links and spelling checked you may request a report from the CMS Help Desk.

Text Formatting on Page

Text copied from a formatted source like Word, Outlook, or a PDF will not appear correctly when pasted in the CMS. To overcome this problem, first paste the text into Notepad or TextEdit to remove the formatting and then transfer it to the site.