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Cascade Content Cleanup

Pages, documents and images that are no longer needed have to be deleted from Cascade. All of the content in Cascade will need to be migrated to the new website in Drupal in 2018.  Cascade will eventually be discontinued (likely in 2018).

Initial Details

Communications will share a folder from Google Drive with corresponding Cascade users. It will contain a copy of your site downloaded from www.union.edu. There will also be the following spreadsheets to reference as a starting point. These spreadsheets will become out of date as changes are made but you can login to Siteimprove to find more recent information.

  • **Cascade orphans - spreadsheets listing orphan files were added week of Dec 18 and email notices went out to individuals with access to folders.  Files need to be deleted in Cascade if not needed.
  • All documents (if necessary) (from Quality Assurance -> Inventory -> Documents)  **This list may not be comprehensive - we are investigating an issue where some documents are not getting crawled by Siteimprove.**
  • All pages (from Quality Assurance -> Inventory -> Pages)
  • All media (if necessary) (from Quality Assurance -> Inventory -> Media Files)
  • PDFs with Broken Links (if necessary) (from Quality Assurance -> Links-> PDFs with Broken Links) **This list may not be comprehensive - we are investigating an issue where some documents are not getting crawled by Siteimprove.**
  • PDFs with Accessibility Errors (if necessary) (from Accessibility -> PDFs) **This list may not be comprehensive - we are investigating an issue where some documents are not getting crawled by Siteimprove.**

Note:  You may want to share these Google Drive folders with others in your office/department if you aren't sure whether a file can be deleted.

Note: The spreadsheets generated from Siteimprove may not include all of the files on your site.  We have identified some instances where documents are on www.union.edu but not being scanned by Siteimprove and therefore are not in the spreadsheets.  We will try to improve the Siteimprove scans to be more comprehensive over time.  Remember to login to Siteimprove and review the information in the Quality Assurance -> Inventory -> Pages and Documents sections for the latest information.

Note: Your site in Cascade may contains additional files that were unpublished from www.union.edu at some point but left in Cascade for reference. These will NOT be reflected in the Google Drive copy of your site or in the spreadsheets or in Siteimprove.  Communications can not identify these files and folders so we need your assistance.  If you have cases like this in your site please delete files if they are no longer needed.  If you would like to retain them for archival purposes please email Jason to coordinate a backup and deletion.  See example.

Files for oncampus use only

If a page or document needs to only be viewable by members of the Union community please flag this in the spreadsheets.  After completing your site review email Jason to discuss these files.  There are a variety of possible solutions that are being explored in conjunction with ITS.

If a page or document can be restricted to just members of the Union community please flag this in the spreadsheets.  Restricting access to pages/documents to just the Union community may provide more time to deal with accessibility problems.

Microsoft Office files will not be migrated to Drupal

Delete any Office files in Cascade that are not needed by mid-January. To locate Office files login to Siteimprove and visit the Quality Assurance -> Inventory -> Documents section. Office files present security, compatibility and accessibility problems. 

For Office files that need to be kept there are various options available including replacing them with accessible PDFs over time. Email Jason if you have Office files that need to remain in their current file format.

PDFs with Broken Links and Accessibility Errors will need to be fixed before migration (not before mid-January)

Migration will begin in 2018 but has no set timetable yet.  PDFs with errors will require some amount of time and effort to keep and there are various possible solutions depending on the content and who needs access to view it. If the PDFs are no longer needed please delete them from Cascade by mid-January.

These errors do not have to be rectified by mid-January.  

Step 1. Cleanup - don’t fix files that are not needed (Due mid-January, 2018)

  • Delete files in Cascade that are no longer needed. Delete them one at a time and Cascade should warn you if a page is linking to it. Note: You will not be warned if you delete a folder with pages or files in it. You will want to edit any pages from the warning before deleting the file.
    Example warning that the index page about to be deleted has links on other pages
    deletion warning
  • Delete all Word, Excel and PowerPoint files or convert to accessible PDFs and delete the original Office file in Cascade. If you are replacing an Office file with a PDF it’ll require uploading the new PDF the standard way, updating any links to the original Office file and then deleting the Office file. You can’t “Edit” the Office file and try to upload the PDF.
  • The Inventory section in Siteimprove can help break down what’s in your site. Login to Siteimprove and visit Quality Assurance -> Inventory -> Pages or Documents or Media Files
  • Tip: View each folder inside of Cascade rather than trying to rely on the folder tree to review files.
  • You may still wind up creating broken links, which Siteimprove will catch. If a file is deleted and you need it back, you can refer to the copy of your site inside of the shared Google Drive folder. Other sites may link to your pages and documents within your site and they may not try to fix broken link notifications from Siteimprove for a while so keep the backup indefinitely.

Errors when trying to delete

If you encounter an error message when trying to delete a page or document it may be because it's been set to not be published.  You can remove the checkbox for "Un-publish content" and submit the form again and it will be deleted.

Error deleting asset

Folders and files where publishing was turned off

In some cases a part of a site (usually a folder) was set to not be published.  This kept the content in Cascade for reference but would not be published out to www.union.edu.  To identify these folders review the edit settings and notice the checkbox is not selected next to "Include when publishing."  Everything in this folder will not be published and if you attempt to delete anything you will receive the error referenced above.  These parts of your site will also not be referenced in the spreadsheets or in Siteimprove.  They do need to be deleted from Cascade.  If you need assistance with archiving the content please email Jason.

Folder set to not be published

Step 2. Addressing errors

  • Login to Siteimprove - it will provide you with the ability to re-crawl a page or document and offers many other features to organize and track down errors.
    Siteimprove recrawl button

Broken Links in PDFs

  • If they don’t need to be links then remove the link (break or delink).
  • PDFs will need to be recreated and then swap out the bad one in Cascade via the “Edit” tab. See the bottom of this page

Fixing Accessibility Errors in PDFs

Using work-study students

  • Anyone can create a Siteimprove account by logging in with their Union credentials but you must email Jason afterward so he can associate that new user with the correct group before they can see the same thing as you.
  • Have them work on a computer with the latest versions of Office and Acrobat.
  • Make sure the corrected original source files replace the old ones wherever they may be (on local computers, shared on the network, shared on Drive) so history doesn’t repeat itself.
  • Students are not permitted in Cascade so you will have to replace the PDF.