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Inserting Links

Hyperlinks ("links") create links to other pages within your website; pages on other sites or to files (PDF for example) that you have uploaded.

  • Click the insert/edit link icon on the toolbar. The insert link window will now open, and you will see two tabs – one for internal links, and one for external.
  • For Internal links (assets located on www.union.edu in Cascade), click on the page icon to open a new window that will allow you to select the page to which you will link.
  • Browse to the page or file you want to link to. With the page selected, click Confirm to close the window.
  • Click the Insert button. The window will close, and the hyperlink will be placed around the selected word processor text.
  • For External links (sites other than www.union.edu), click the External tab. Type or paste in the URL (web address) to the external site or content in the Link field. For example, https://www.unionathletics.com