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Uploading PDFs

Note: To create accessible PDF's requires the full version of Adobe Acrobat available via the ITS Help Desk.

Note: PDF's should be viewable in the CMS - if you encounter errors or requests to download the PDF, please contact the ITS Help Desk and request a reinstallation of Adobe Acrobat.

Note: Special characters in the filename of the pdf can cause upload errors.  Remove any ' " / or any other unusual characters from the filename before trying to upload to the CMS.

Making Accessible PDFs

This is not only an affirmation of Union’s mission and strategic goals but also a legal obligation. Review documentation on best practices and how to fix errors.

Reducing file size to improve performance/site speed

Try to save your file with a reduced file size. Files that are multiple MBs will slow the loading time.

To upload a new PDF or Image

  1. Browse to the folder in your CMS site where you want to save the file.
  2. From the top blue navigation menu, select New -> File.
  3. Using the "Browse" button locate the file on your computer - if you received the file in an email you'll need to save it on your computer somewhere first.
  4. After locating the file and selecting it you will be returned to the CMS screen but the "Upload" field will include the path to the file, scroll down the page and submit your upload.
  5. Note: Do not include anything in the System Name field - just submit the page after successfully browsing for your file.
  6. The browser will refresh and display your image or pdf file.  Your image may appear distorted but this is normal.  Your file will be added to your folder.  Note: Upper case letters will be made lowercase and spaces replaced.

To edit an existing PDF or Image

If you already have a PDF or Image uploaded to the CMS but wish to swap it with a newer version the process is very easy.  In the CMS, browse to the location of the PDF or Image, edit the file and you will be presented with the Upload function.  You can then browse to the location of the file on your computer and upload the new version, submit the change and the file will be swapped out, simply publish the new version and the system name in the CMS will not have changed so no links will be broken.