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Printing Policies and Procedures

Union College spends a significant amount of money each year on printing-- not just for official College publications, but also for flyers, posters, invitations, event programs, handbooks, stationery, course materials, and class projects. To support our campus-wide efforts to contain costs wherever possible, we ask you adhere to the following guidelines for all print projects.

  • For printed pieces intended for internal campus use, please send them to Paul DeBiase at the Copy Center in Reamer. Likewise, if you’re not exactly sure of your printing needs, confer with Paul, who will determine whether he can produce your project in his facility. The Copy Center can often print your piece at a lower cost than an outside printer.  But in the event they cannot meet your print specifications, Paul will forward your job to Joyce Chabot in the Communications Office.
  • For external marketing publications or pieces done by a graphic designer, work directly with Joyce Chabot, the College’s Print Manager. She will solicit bids from external print vendors and select a printer to meet your quality and budget requirements.  If the Copy Center is an option for your printing job, Joyce will refer you to Paul DeBiase.

In either case, please remember that advanced planning is critical when it comes to delivering printed projects on time. The Copy Center needs prior notification to include you in their work schedule, and you should typically plan 1-2 business days for them to produce your job.  For external printers, allow more time—typically at least 10 business days, starting from the time the files are delivered by the graphic designer.

Finally, for any professionally printed piece, consult the Style Guide to familiarize yourself with Union's guidelines on sustainable printing.

Thank you for your cooperation.