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Building and Place Names

Following are the names of some campus buildings and places:

Abbe Hall (College Relations)

Achilles Center (entire building)

Frank L. Messa Rink (rink only)

Alumni Gymnasium

Stanley R. Becker Career Center

Blue Gate (south of President’s House to Union Street)

Brownell Gate (north side of campus near Fero House to Nott Street)

Burns Arts Atrium

Butterfield Hall

Chester Arthur Courtyard (between Reamer and Visual Arts, includes statute of Arthur)

Class of 1884 Gate (Union Avenue opposite Gillespie)

College Park Neighborhood (Seward Place and neighborhood to west)

Armand V. and Donald S. Feignenbaum Hall (administration, including Office of the


Grant Hall (Admissions)

Hale House

Han’s Groot Kill

Roger Hull Plaza (paved area west of Schaffer Library)

Humanities Building

The Idol

Jackson’s Garden (not plural)

Kappa Alpha Gate (north of Chester Arthur Courtyard)

Kenney Community Center

Lamont House

Lippman Hall

Stanley and Geraldine Levine Wildflower Garden (north of Reamer Campus Center)

McKean House (Finance)

Memorial Chapel

Memorial Fieldhouse (fieldhouse one word)

Nott Memorial

Dyson Hall (first floor)

Mandeville Gallery (balcony)

            Wikoff Student Gallery (top balcony)

F. W. Olin Center

Payne Gate

Stanley G. Peschel Computer Center

President’s House

Psi Upsilon Flagpole

Murray and Ruth Reamer Campus Center

Robison Herb Garden

Schaffer Library

Science and Engineering Center

17 South Lane (Human Resources and Records)

Silliman Hall

Steinmetz Hall

Taylor Music Center

Fred L. Emerson Auditorium (Emerson Auditorium, for short)

Terrace Wall

Viniar Athletic Center

Peter Irving Wold Center

Morton and Helen Yulman Theater (not theatre)

Note: When citing campus buildings, it’s usually best to give the last name only: Feigenbaum Hall, Reamer Campus Center, Yulman Theater. Exception: F.W. Olin Center (not Olin Center)

Student residences

Davidson House

College Park Hall (the former Ramada Inn)

Edwards House

Fero House

Hickok House

North College

Phi Delta Theta

Potter House

Raymond House

Richmond House

John Blair Smith House

South College

1294 Lenox Rd.

Webster House

Wells House

West College


Beuth House

Breazzano House

Golub House

Green House

Messa House

Sorum House

Wold House