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Common Errors


  • Advisor, not adviser
  • African-American hyphenated; Asian American (no hyphen); Native American (no hyphen)
    • Alumnus: one male graduate
    • Alumna: one female graduate
    • Alumnae: two or more female grads
    • Alumni: two or more male or mixed-gender grads; avoid “alumnae/i
    • alumni association: capitalize only when “Union College” precedes it
    • B.A., B.S., M.A.: include periods
    • bachelor’s degree: lowercase
    • board of trustees: capitalize only when “Union College” precedes it
    • chair: not chairwoman, chairman, or chairperson
    • Class of 2008 (not Class of ’08)
    • Committee: capitalize only in full name, e.g., the Curriculum Committee
    • course work: two words
    • emeritus, emerita, emeriti: no italics; directly follows the word “professor”
    • every day two words unless used as an adjective—
      e.g., “an everyday event”
    • first-year student: hyphenated as a compound adjective
    • freshman: when possible, avoid
    • Latino, Latina