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Organized Entities

The full official name of the board and the alumni association is capitalized:

  • the Union College Board of Trustees, the Union College Alumni Association

But in subsequent references, use the briefer, lowercased version:

  • the board of trustees, the alumni association

The same is true for graduating classes:

  • The Union College Class of 1986, or the class of ’86

Likewise with government offices:

  • On first reference call it the New York State Department of Education, but afterward, call it the state education department.

As a proper name, the Federal Reserve Bank is capitalized, but general terms like “federal scholarship” or “national offices” or “state championships” are lowercased.

New York state, not New York State

Capitalize the names of official committees or clubs:

  • The Academic Affairs Committee
  • The Interfraternity Council
  • The Faculty Review Board

In subsequent reference, just use “the committee,” “the council” or “the board”

Don’t capitalize the “the” preceding names of businesses, groups, etc.:

  • the New York Times, the Metropolitan Opera, the Beatles (except at the beginning of a sentence)