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Web and Content Management Guidelines

All pages of the www.union.edu are categorized into "tiers" that clarify editorial ownership and the responsibilities of page authors, as well as establish content, identity and visual standards. In addition, every page on www.union.edu has a notation in the footer indicating which office or area has the primary responsibility for maintaining that page.

Please acquaint yourself with the following guidelines as well as the official user policies governing Tier One, Two and Three Web content and the use of the Content Management System.

Tier One Pages:

Tier One pages include the homepage and a number of high-level directory pages. These pages are marketing vehicles for Union and are directed chiefly at external audiences, such as prospective students, alumni, prospective parents and the media. They are considered the college's primary digital communications to the public, and as such, are held to the highest content, brand and visual identity standards.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is ultimately responsible for the content of all Tier One pages and works directly with internal campus stakeholders to maintain this content. 

Tier One pages include the following:

Web Graphic Identity Standards: 1
Content Management System use: Required

Note:  Due to the unique and complex nature of its content, the Academics section of the web site has not yet been assigned to a "tier"; this will be determined in concert with the multiple stakeholders for this section.

Tier Two Pages:

Many Tier Two pages reside underneath Tier One pages in the directory structure and/or information architecture. While the audience(s) for these pages may also be external, many contain content for faculty, staff and students as well.

As with Tier One pages, the highest content and visual identity standards apply, but the responsibility for adding content or making updates may be shared with designated staff outside the Office of Communications and Marketing. However, the content will still be subject to review by the Office of Communications and Marketing for accuracy, style and timeliness. Tier Two pages include the following:

  • Audience-based gateway pages for Students and Faculty & Staff

Web Graphic Identity Standards: 1
Content Management System use: Required

Tier Three Pages:

Tier Three pages are pages that still reside within the Content Management System but are permitted greater flexibility in terms of visual, style and content elements in order to respond to specific internal communications needs.

Tier Three pages are owned and maintained by designated individuals outside the Office of Communications and Marketing. These pages include:

  • Registrar site
  • Individual academic department pages/sites

Web Graphic Identity Standards: 3
Content Management System use: Optional

Tier Four Pages:

Tier Four pages are official Union College web sites or web pages that do not reside within the Content Management System and/or are not hosted on www.union.edu.

While all Union College-branded online content should ideally follow best practices and official brand and visual identity standards, other platforms may better accommodate some specialized needs and publishing requirements than the Content Management System administered out of the Office of Marketing and Communications.

The responsibility for all Tier Four pages falls to the individual page owners/page creators. 

Search on www.union.edu:

Content linked from www.union.edu Google search results must be an official office, service, department, representative of the Collegeconform to the College's visual identity standards, and be accessible according to standards established by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.