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College Relations Projects

Use the project request form to submit a project outline and supporting materials (click "browse" and select the relevant files on your hard drive).

After your request is submitted, someone will contact you within 24 hours.  All subsequent correspondence will be conducted through the Cascade CMS Help Desk. Submit a help request —or call the help desk (x7190) to communicate project updates.

Specificity is extremely important given the design and technical considerations involved in web development. Lack of clarity will often result in missed deadlines. The following information, easy to overlook, is critical to the successful and timely completion of your project request:

  • Important dates and deadlines
  • Desired special web addresses/shortcuts (i.e. union.edu/fund-a-future)
  • What goes on the webpage/site and in what order?
  • Is your webpage/site being linked to from other pages on union.edu?
  • Should we anticipate any content changes after the webpage/site has launched?
  • Does your webpage/site need to be removed after a specific date? 
  • Art for use online such as banners, e-newsletter headers, promotional graphics (see design specifications below)


PDFs of print materials can provide a useful frame of reference, but due to design, technical and other considerations,  may not be duplicable online. Submit the copy and/or images (in formats other than PDF) that you'd like to use online via any of the following ways:

1) Copy (Note: Text should be in the order you expect it to appear on the webpage).

How to submit:

  • The project request form: Upload as a Word Document -or- add the copy to the form's "Project Description" field

2) Images

How to submit:

Design Specifications:

Commissioning web art from your designer will expedite the completion of your page/site.  The following are the standard sizes and formats of the promotional elements most commonly used in the College's official web vehicles:

  • E-newsletter banner graphic: 598px (w) × varying height
  • Promotional button (required to link to your web page/website from other parts of union.edu): 194px (w) × varying height
  • Webpage banner graphic: 943px (w) × 149px (h)