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Reduced Course Load Accommodation

A student may be granted a reduced course load (two courses) as a reasonable accommodation, along with a reduced tuition charge, upon providing evidence that such an adjustment is necessary in order for the student to access his/her education. Requests for reduced course load, and the accompanying reduction in tuition, must be received no later than the third day of the term. Other requests for reduced course load will be entertained but will not result in a reduced tuition. The
College is not obligated to offer a reduced tuition as an accommodation. Accordingly, if a student wishes the benefit of this type of support, his/her request for reduced tuition must be submitted by the third day of the term.

Students seeking a reduced course load must formally petition the Director of Accommodative Services and submit appropriate documentation to establish that such an accommodation is necessary based on the student’s current medical/disability related limitations. The Director may also consult with the Director of the Counseling or Health Center, as appropriate. The College will also consider the student’s history of success at the College while taking a full course load.

The Director, in consultation with the Dean of Studies and other staff members, as appropriate, will determine the duration of the accommodation. The Dean of Studies will advise the Registrar and Finance Office of the final decision and will work with the Director of Accommodative Services to determine appropriate course selections each term. Students with an approved reduced course load will be treated as full-time students in all appropriate respects by the College. Students who have already completed 12 terms of study as a full-time student at Union will be charged based on the number of courses in which they are enrolled.

A student who disagrees with the College’s resolution of the student’s reduced course load petition may grieve that decision as provided in the Student Handbook, except for the decision regarding a reduced tuition, which is not grievable.

Students are cautioned that there may be a financial and or educational consequence to taking a reduced load and are encouraged to:

  • Consult with Financial Aid Office with regard to any aid they are receiving and how that aid may be impacted by a reduced course load.
  • Consult with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, if applicable, in so far as how a reduced load might affect that agency’s support of the student.
  • Consult with their academic advisor or the Dean of Studies with regard to the effect a reduced course load may have on their academic progress in their course of study, their general education requirements, and prospective graduation date.