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Student Clubs & Organizations

Club and Organization Policy 

Any organized student group, club, or organization on campus must be recognized by the Student Forum.   Any club receiving funding must be open to all members of the student body.  This includes participation in activities, meetings, and all functions of said club.  No student group will received funding if they are exclusive in nature. While groups that are exclusive may be recognized by the Student Forum they will not be eligible for funding as long as they are exclusive or selective in nature.  All policies regarding the expenditure of activity fee dollars can be found in the presidents and treasures handbook which is available in the Office of Student Activities.

Student Forum

The Student Forum is advised by the Director of Student Activities and serves as the governing body for students. Members of this group are involved in many College decisions. Elections are held in the spring for the majority of the student body and in the fall for the First-year students. Elections are competitive and create a natural sense of excitement on campus. The Student Forum oversees the operations of all student clubs and organizations. This governing body also oversees the student activity fee, which each student pays along with tuition. This money is allocated to 80 of the 100+ student clubs and organizations. Student Forum meetings are held on a weekly basis when classes are in session, and are open to the student body. For more information: http://www.union.edu/Fun


The program board is responsible for the majority of programs on campus. It is made up of several committees including traditional programs, innovative ideas, cultural events, publicity and promotions, and intellectual programs. All of these committees are led by a student president and treasurer. The program board is advised by the Assistant Director of Student Activities.

Equipment Managers

The Office of Student Activities employs 10 students who are responsible for providing technical support for events held on campus. The equipment managers learn to operate multiple sound systems including a 16-channel band mixer. These students receive specific training, due to the extensive technical knowledge needed for this job. They help to ensure that events are completely student-run. http://www.union.edu/offices/student-activities/index.php