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The Student Conduct Code


Students of Union College are expected to promote the educational aims of the College through individual personal integrity and responsibility, both on and off campus. It is vital to maintain a strong system of accountability to address issues of discipline and resulting behaviors. Through initiatives including counseling programs, strong discipline programs, and close control of social events, our goal is to strive to ensure that our students' behavior remains consistent with community standards.

Valuing a diversity of opinions and life styles, members of the College community are bound together both by respect for the individual and collective rights of others and by recognition of the primary aims of learning and development of the disciplined mind which brings us together. Judicial action will be taken against students whose conduct adversely affects the College community or the pursuit of its objectives.

Individuals who join together to share common interests, whether in a club, a Greek house, or a theme house, collectively share a common responsibility. They must ensure that individual members or groups of members uphold the values of their organization. A group cannot ignore or escape its responsibility for the actions of its members. Moreover, it must be understood that while special interest groups are viewed as worthwhile components of the educational experience, Union College will encourage and recognize such groups only so long as the actions of their members are consistent with the College’s purposes, expectations, and policies.

The Union College judicial system is designed to hold students accountable for their behavior and that of their guests, to promote the protection of the College community and property, and the protection of the rights of the members of that community to function in an environment conducive to academic pursuits. It is designed to challenge the inappropriate behavior of individuals in a supportive and educational manner that will encourage them to understand the impact of their behavior on individuals and the community.

The purpose of this document is to set forth Union College’s student judicial procedures. Capitalized terms have the meanings set forth below in the section entitled “Interpretation of the College Judicial Code.”  Where reference is made to “day” or “days,” such term is taken to mean any and all normal business days, excluding holidays, whether or not school is in session.