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Administrative Review

An Administrative Review is a discussion between a student or group (accused) alleged to be in violation of College policy and the Senior Associate Dean of Students or his/her designated administrator). Students will be notified (typically by email) of specific violations under consideration in advance of an Administrative Review. The administrator will review the complaint with the accused and give them an opportunity to respond. If the student accepts responsibility, the administrator will issue the appropriate sanction(s). Administrative Reviews are conducted in private. If a student fails to attend an Administrative Review, the administrator will resolve the case without benefit of the student’s input.

In determining sanctions, the administrator will take into account the interests of the accused and the College, previous violations of the accused, and prior College responses to similar violations. Points will be issued ranging from 0 to 7 with accompanying sanctions. Deans may assign up to 10 points with sanctions up to and including suspension. The accused may not appeal decisions made in an Administrative Review.