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Availability of Records

All incident reports, student judicial files, judicial proceedings and outcomes, constitute educational records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (commonly known as the “Buckley Amendment”) and are subject to its release and confidentiality provisions, and the College’s FERPA policy. Under circumstances where the charges involve physical assault or sex offenses, the student bringing the charges as well as the student charged will be informed of the final determination of any Judicial Body. In matters involving serious offenses, as defined under the FERPA regulations, the College reserves the right to reveal the outcome of any judicial proceedings and the name of any student found to be in violation to the College community. Union College must, upon written request from the victim (or the next of kin if the victim dies) of an alleged crime of violence, disclose to the victim (or the next of kin in the victim dies), the final results of the disciplinary proceeding dealing with the crime or offense.

All non-academic student disciplinary files will be maintained in accordance with Dean of Students Office policies.  All academic student records will be maintained in accordance with the Dean of Studies Office policies. The College may inform parents of students who are under the age of 18 or dependent of the outcome of judicial proceedings. If the sanction is Suspension or Expulsion, the College will notify the parent(s) or the legal guardian(s) of a dependent student or a student below 18 years of age.