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Interim Restrictions

Prior to investigation and resolution, interim restrictions may be placed on a student or group by the Director of Student Conduct, the Director of Residence life, or the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life to protect the health and safety of students or the community. These restrictions may include a “no contact order,” removal of privileges, removal from or relocation within the residential community, and/or suspension of activity.

An interim suspension of a student from the College may be imposed only by the Dean of Students or designee, and shall become effective immediately without prior notice whenever there is evidence that the continued presence of the student poses a substantial and immediate threat to him/herself, to others, or to the College community. Should an interim suspension be issued and resolution of the matter that prompted it is not resolved within two weeks, the interim suspension may convert to an administrative leave of absence.

The College may notify parent(s) or legal guardians of dependent students or students under eighteen (18) years of age of the Interim Restrictions and, when applicable, of any alternative housing arrangements.