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Reporting Procedures

Student Handbook - Conduct Code

Reporting Procedures

Proscribed Conduct can be reported in any one of the following ways:

  • By Residential Life staff;
  • By Campus Safety staff; or
  • By any other members of the College community submitting an account of an incident to the College.

Reports of alleged violations must be prepared in writing and directed to the Dean of Students. Students are encouraged to report incidents as soon after their occurrence as possible, as the passage of time will impede efforts to investigate allegations and gather evidence.

The Dean of Students will designate a staff member to investigate the charges or, in the event of a sexual misconduct change the Dean of Students or designee will designate a Campus Safety officer to investigate. The Dean of Students or designee will make a good faith effort to notify the student that he or she is subject to an investigation and that charges will be submitted.

The Dean of Students, or designee, shall review all incident reports in consultation with staff and determine whether the student will be charged with engaging in Proscribed Conduct and/or if the matter can be disposed of through an Administrative Review.  If the matter cannot be resolved in an Administrative Review, the Dean of Students or designee will decide which Judicial Body process shall be used to resolve the matter.  If the student admits violating the College Rules, but disagrees with the sanction, a subsequent limited process may be used to recommend the appropriate sanction(s).

  • The availability of the particular hearing forum;
  • The potential chilling effect on an complainant going before the Subcouncil;
  • Protecting the confidentiality of an complainant; and
  • Any other factor deemed relevant and appropriate.

  The Dean of Students may refer matters to one of the following judicial body processes:

  • Administrative Review; or
  • Hearing by the Judicial Hearing Board, the Student Conduct Board or the Fraternity and Sorority Conduct Board.