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Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems

Unless otherwise noted below, all Union College fire alarm systems within residential buildings contain smoke detection in each sleeping area, hallway, and common area.  These devices are tied into a central fire alarm panel within the building and transmitted to a central monitoring station that is manned 24 hours a day by Union College Campus Safety.

As per New York State Fire Code, Union College notifies the local Fire Department upon receiving a general building fire alarm. In addition to our 911 link, Union College has direct radio communication abilities with the Schenectady Fire Department.

Link to Campus Fire Safety Act reporting data as required by Federal law

This data complies with New York State Law A.5715-A/S.4180-B; Kerry Rose Fire Sprinkler Notification Act 2013

Fire Alarm Coverage

All buildings listed below contain fire alarm systems.  Fire alarm inspection date: June/July 2013

Chart of Sprinkler Coverage

Sprinkler system inspection date:  November 20, 2012

Building Sprinkler Coverage
Davidson No
Fox No
West No
CPH Yes Full
Webster No
Richmond Yes Full
Fero Yes Full
Raymond No
Potter No
Hickok No
Edwards Yes Partial
PDT Yes Partial
Beuth Yes Full
Golub Yes Full
Wells Yes Full
Smith Yes Full
Breazzano Yes Full
South College Yes Full
North College Yes Full
201 Seward Yes Full
203 Seward Yes Exposure
207 Seward Yes Exposure
209 Seward Yes Exposure
215 Seward Yes Partial
217 Seward Yes Exposure
219 Seward No
221 Seward Yes Partial
233 Seward Yes Full
301 Seward Yes Full
303 Seward Yes Full
305 Seward Yes Full
309 Seward Yes Full
311 Seward Yes Full
315 Seward No
319 Seward Yes Full
321 Seward No
323 Seward No
325 Seward No
700 RHP Yes Full
702 RHP Yes Full
704 RHP No
706 RHP No
708 RHP No
710 RHP No
712 RHP Yes Exposure
219 Park Pl No
1294 Lenox No
32 Union No
1480 Lenox No
317 Seward Yes Full
327 Seward Yes Full

Sprinkler System Definitions

Coverage includes all egress areas as well as common and sleeping areas.
Coverage is limited to stairwell protection and means of egress.
Coverage provides exposure protection to window areas in stairwells.